put your helmet on and get ready for 2010!

It’s New Year’s Eve…and the only thing I know for sure is that 2010 is going to be a wild ride for us!!  I’m  strapping my helmet on and preparing for the craziness!!

On to business…do you have your goals and resolutions? Have you de-cluttered 2009 and made room for 2010???   I promise to offer suggestions in January for organizing life.  You can take it, leave it, delete it, read it, follow or unfollow me.  My goal is just to give you more tools to choose from in running your busy household.  Goodness knows, ours is BUSY and I WELCOME suggestions and tips and promise to continue to share what I learn with you all!!

I did manage to get the “Armoire Switch” project completed.  I’m showing you this for a few reasons:

I wanted to show you that in de-cluttering and reorganizing, you don’t necessarily have to go out and buy something new, sometimes you can shop in your own house and find a solution (Did you hear that, Honey??  I didn’t buy anything to complete these projects – well we did buy the felt moving pads $11? And the closet rod, $4??)

What I will say is that when I do buy, I buy smart.  The larger armoire in these photos was purchased for my first college apartment and it might have been $350.  Over the years it has been EVERYWHERE in each of my different apartments and then homes.  Every few years I give it another coat of Briwax and hope it’s starting to get more of an aged appearance.  A few locations ago it housed all of our home office equipment in the Family Room so Hubby cut holes in the back…

The same is true for the smaller armoire.  It used to be in my first interior design office, then it moved to the family room, then it become Hayden’s closet. But as Hay has grown, so have her clothes AND Addie has grown out of clothes that needed to move to Hayden’s room.

The storage boxes and multi-purpose bin are all from The Container Store.  I have no problem purchasing as I use them throughout our house and I love that I  always use the same systems because it keeps consistency when I choose to move things around or need to stack, etc.

As a reminder, this is where the armoire started in our Master Bedroom.

Normally I like to hide “equipment”, but there are times you can make it look OK, I think.
If you remember the jewelry box and perfume tray used to be on a bookshelf
but Addie had nearly killed both.  They have been “hiding” in this armoire causing me heartache
as I like to use them daily and have them in open site…

Hubby moved the smaller armoire from Hayden’s room into our room, and ours into her room.
The TV, etc is now on top and I think I may add a plant.  Needs a “little green’.
I also think the wall could take a pretty stretched canvas of the girls from Sandy Heit.
(Birthday hint, Honey!).

Everything that was in the old armoire, is now in this one.
Shoes that I REALLY don’t use as often are behind the other shoe boxes.
The larger box has smaller hand bags and clutches.
And the open bin holds my collection of “flips”
(mostly Havaianas– I pretty much live in them post office job and now chasing Littles!)

I completely spaced on taking a picture of Hayden’s armoire pre-move.
There used to be a clothes rod in the piece above, under the 1st shelf.
My husband added the small shelf that my running shoes are now on to hold
The Container Store shoe boxes which served as “drawers” for Hay’s socks, shoes, bloomers, hats, etc.
Nice that it worked perfectly for my running shoes too!

So instead, here is all the stuff that came out of Hay’s and needed to find a new home.

This is my old college armoire, from our room that was moved to Hay’s room.

Hubby added another closet rod for me this AM.  SO SIMPLE to do this to
almost any piece of furniture.  Once again, just The Container Store storage boxes.
You may have also noticed the kids hangers. A brilliant mom friend gave me a few
wooden kids hangers when Addie was born and I FELL IN LOVE!  They look great
when you want to “display” a cute coat or outfit, and they store the clothes
perfectly!  I went in with 2 other friends and ordered 2 types of hangers in bulk and then
we all split the cost.  Have not regretted for a minute.

I’m sure some have wondered why I need an armoire for a closet for Hay.
Doesn’t she have a closet?? Actually, no.  Surprisingly this house does not have
a lot of storage.  And it’s an older home, all be it we remodeled the heck out of it
when we moved in last year, but we did not move walls, etc.  So the rooms are the original
50s sized rooms.  So I had to be creative in how I used the spaces as well as how I would fit
all of our existing furniture.  I chose to put Hay’s crib in the closet in order to fit a bed
in her room.  Our painter was brilliant and took the crown moulding straight across the top of the closet,
now when we turn it back into a closet, the tracks will be hidden and everything will look
very clean and neat.  Behind that curtain is a regular shelf you would find in a closet.

But for now, it holds larger Container Store boxes with out of season/wrong sized clothes,
extra diapers, and supplies that I don’t need to get to everyday.

So that’s where I’m at.  There is definitely more to do and I plan on taking full advantage of Hubby being home for the next few days to continue to break the back on this decluttering and reorganzing project.  So stay tuned through January to see the progress and I promise to pass on helpful tips.

New Years Goals:

  1. Finish reorganizing all cabinets, drawers, closets in the house by the end of January 2010.
  2. Workout 100 days – I love that my brother in law made this a goal last year and achieved in flying colors losing 30 lbs while he was at it.  So attainable!
  3. Get rid of all baby weight from 3 years of pregnancy.  Kind of goes hand in hand with the goal above…I’m definitely ready to be me again…please tell me its possible!
  4. Find time for myself each week.  30 minutes to an hour that are just for me.  Reading a magazine, talking to a friend, drinking a glass of wine on the front porch.  Just a few minutes each week that are quiet and that let me remember who I am.  I truly believe to be the best you can be for your family, you have to give to yourself a little.
  5. Finish a list of projects to be completed (or at least have a good bunch written down that I can add to throughout the year) by the end of 2010.  I will post this on Friday, January 1st.  I may even add another list to the planner for ongoing projects….Little projects always pop into my head and I feel like if I had a master list of them all that they might actually all happen and get crossed off rather than being the mythical list in my head that I think about year after year.
  6. Grow a vegetable garden – kind of feel like this may be like having a 4th child, but knowing that we wont be leaving the house too much in the next year, it could be fun for the Littles and me…
  7. Grow this blog to reach as many people as it can – I would love to pick a number, but not really sure what’s possible….hmmm, I may update this goal.  I need all of your help continuing to spread the word.  Please do let me know how I can help you better.  I know I have not been the best at returning emails super promptly, but as I get more used to balancing family, work and blogging life, I WILL get better!
  8. Finally – SURVIVE the year with 3 LITTLES, 2 YEARS OLD AND YOUNGER – This will be the biggest hurdle!  But I know it can be done as others have before me…get ready for some interesting posts!!

Wishing you all an amazing New Year!
Enjoy your final day of 2009!
THANK YOU for reading this blog and stopping by each day for a visit!
I truly appreciate and am thankful for you!!

*** If anyone would like a copy of the New Years templates from one of MFE’s fabulous readers, Lindsey G – please leave a comment below and be sure to include your email address. I’ll forward her templates to you! Here is her comment of the great project: “Another tradition that my GFs and I do every NYE is have a BURN & FLOAT party. You write down your the things you want to get rid of in your life, roll them up and toss them into a fire (BURN) and then you write down your wishes for the new year and put them in a paper boat and send them sailing away in body of water (FLOAT). If you aren’t close to a lake, ocean or stream you can use your backyard pool or a local fountain! Its empowering to watch those goodbye burn and a great way to send out your “intentions” for the New Year ahead!”

Winter Wonder Sale Graphic

13 thoughts on “put your helmet on and get ready for 2010!”

  1. Hi Shanna-
    I’d love a copy of the New Year’s templates! I’m doing a Zone Cleaning – Football Style blog event during the month of January. I’d love to have you join in on the fun!

  2. Shanna, it’s been such a blessing to get to know you and your family and to be so inspired through all your ups, downs, clutter, de-cluttering, fun giveaways… mainly how you tackle life, it’s amazing! Thank you for this blog… it’s my girl time in the morning.

    Please send me copies of the New Year’s templates!

    Thanks and blessings to you this new year! Andrea aka.Haolegirl
    .-= Andrea Marshall aka.Haolegirl´s last undefined ..(Enjoy 10 returned posts for Christmas) =-.

  3. thanks for the shout out! Made me smile this morning! Yesterdays rain made for an excellent departing stream down the gutters of Newport last night. My GFs and I had a blast dumping our goodbyes down a roaring gutter drain. We took pics too!

    PS – I’m enjoying playing I SPY in your photos, trying to see what we BOTH have stashed in our closets (today I spotted the pink felt bucket with the bear on it, love Target!)

    Keep up the great work Shanna and we’ll continue to spread the love for ya!

  4. I am totally re-organizing this month. I may have to stalk Container Store and their Elfa sale. Hey one more tip, make sure you have those armoires secured on the wall. Caden’s almost pulled the dresser down on himself a few times. Luckily, we have them anchored to the wall.
    .-= Angry Julie Monday´s last blog ..Future Gynecologist? =-.

  5. Funny! Yes, my sister gave to Hayden as a purse with jewels :-) I”m a huge Gap, Old Navy and Target shopper – I”m sure you’ll find many duplicates!!

    Thanks for the template tips!

  6. I was pregnant, or nursing babies for 3 years. With both pregnancies I gained 40lbs! Crazy! I’m here to tell you with weight training, jogging, and playing tennis I’m now down to the weight I was in High School. Not bad, considering I gained tons of weight and had huge babies! I maintain a weight of about 113 on my petite frame, and no one believes I have two children of my own.

  7. I packed up the kids and hit Container Store today – 3 cork boards, 5 Anchor Hocking Glass Jars, 2 laundry baskets and 10 pieces of Decor plastic-ware (I spied some in your pantry too!) later I am looking forward to a weekend of cleaning and beautification – thanks for lighting a fire under my butt Shanna!!


  8. Hi: Regarding the vegetable garden…don’t forget to get your pumpkin seeds now…so the girls can watch their pumpkins grow by next fall!!

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