look who is coming…

I’m newly in love with this cute book – it is perfect in so many ways!

Look who is coming

First off, it’s a board book which is awesome when you have little hands that all want to be involved with turning the pages.

Second, you can personalize it yourself EASILY for your own family (I think I could do the entire book in about 10 minutes – which is about all the extra time I have in a day!).  I have been given other books similar to this one as gifts, but getting a photo in them is beyond a pain!  I usually end up tearing the book page or the photo trying to shove them in between the pages.  This book is a CINCH!!!

Third, what better time of year than now to buy this book, or to give it as a gift??  With all the holiday travel coming up, we for one family have people ALL OVER THE PLACE that our girls sadly do not see often enough.  Normally I’m carrying Addie down our hallway to look at the “Wall of Fame Picture Gallery” while she excitedly names off each of the family “celebrities” to keep them all familiar to her.  How easy to have them all in a book to take with us anywhere we go??

Lastly, I didn’t know until I read the Vazu Kids website that “Look Who is Coming” was developed and written by a family who have a little boy with Autism.  This book is what helps him, and many other children with Autism, learn to enjoy reading again.  A portion of the book sales goes to charities that help children with Autism.

So not only is this a new favorite book, but it’s a favorite that gives back.  Isn’t that what this time of year is about?

Let’s just review how easy this all is shall we??

Vazu Kids 1Vazu Kids 2Vazu Kids 3Vazu Kids 4Vazu Kids 5Vazu Kids 6Vazu Kids 7

Honestly, could it be any easier! Love the simplicity, love the colors, love the cause!  Definitely a Favorite!

The folks at Vazu Kids are so generous in fact that they are giving a book to one lucky winner!

Leave a comment below and we will announce the winner on Monday.  Best of luck!!

10 thoughts on “look who is coming…”

  1. Great Book! I have one that has plastic sticky sleeves and it’s very annoying to try to put a picture in to! What a great contribution to families who deserve the help!

  2. What a cool book! My daughter would absolutely love it…and it would make a great gift too. I love that it supports a cause too. Seriously…great find. I’d love to win one! :)

  3. I have a 4 year old son, Jack, with autism who would LOVE this book! I think it is just great, wish I had thought of it! Jack used to love books when he was a baby and a toddler but has has lost interest in the last year or so. He is nonverbal and really needs lots of visuals to comunicate with us. I think a book like this would help recapture his interest in stories/books. All the best to you and you and yours!
    ~The Robbins Family
    Brent, Carla, Jack (4) and Joe (2)

  4. Love it!!! Will definately forward this link to family to “suggest” it as a Christmas present for my daughter. Or may just have to “Christmas Present” myself!

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