sexy, smoky party eyes!

Holiday 33

With all the holiday parties upon us, it’s time to put on our “A Game” and look like the hot mamas (sisters, grandma’s, ladies!!) that we are!  I enlisted the help of FABULOUS Misha from Holiday Salon to help us all out.  She is my favorite Orange County make-up go-to girl and knows all the best tricks to make your assets work for you! You will look even more amazing once she has worked her magic!  Misha helped me with my “hot smoky eyes” for Halloween that my husband loved!  And the makeup stayed in place for all our parties that day with no touch ups…and Misha applied it at 1:00pm that day!

So here goes, 5 minutes to hot, sexy eyes!

1. Draw a thick line of black eyeliner pencil at lash base on your top eye lid.

Holiday 1Holiday 2Holiday 3

2. Smudge pencil blending up toward the crease with a smudge brush so that the color fades as it goes away from eyelash line.

Holiday 4Holiday 6Holiday 7Holiday 8

3. Brush favorite lighter color eyeshadow all over lid to soften and blend.

Holiday 9Holiday 10Holiday 11

4. Add highlighter shadow right at the brow bone

Holiday 13Holiday 14

5. Go over the eyeliner from lashes to crease with a dark shadow, softening and fading as you get to the crease.

Holiday 15Holiday 16Holiday 17Holiday 19

6. Draw black eyeliner at lower lash line and smudge lightly with an angle brush or q-tip.

Holiday 21Holiday 22Holiday 23

7. Curl lashes and at least 2 coats of mascara

Holiday 24Holiday 25Holiday 28

8. Draw liner in the water line of lower lid

Holiday 28-2Holiday 29

Voila!  Sexpot eyes!!!!!

Holiday 31Holiday 32

I watched this happen before my very eyes, so I KNOW it’s possible for us all to do this.

AND Misha and Holiday Salon are GIVING AWAY the tools to do the above to 1 lucky winner!

(3 Eye Shadows, 1 Angled Brush, 1 Crease Brush, 1 Smudge Brush, Mascara, Black Eye Pencil = $122 value!  WOW!)

Holiday 34

Of course if you are still like me and know that YOU CAN do this, but would still LOVE to be pampered, Misha and Ally at Holiday Salon would be happy to help with your holiday makeup!

Rules for the Giveaway:

1. Become a Facebook Fan of Holiday Salon (1 entry)

2. Become a Facebook Fan of My Favorite Everthing or subscribe to daily emails (1 entry)

3. Vote for My Favorite Everything at Top Mommy Blogs.  Just click here, even if you have a billion times before! (1 entry)

4. Tweet about this post and mention @MyFavEverything so we know you tweeted. (1 entry)

5. Suggest friends become fans of either Facebook Fan Page.  (2 entries for each page.)

5. Comment and let us know what you think!

Contest runs until Sunday, December 6th at 9:00pm PST.  Winner will be announced Monday, December 7th.

Click on the image for more info about Holiday Salon.

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23 thoughts on “sexy, smoky party eyes!”

  1. I love misha. We were pregnant and had our daughters very close together! I am hoping to see her at a friends party this Friday and can’t wait to compliment her on being “famous” on your blog!! I have done all of your “entry worthy” items except for the tweet so let the winning begin! Thanks for the tips Shanna (and Misha)!

  2. I LOVEEEE doing a smokey eye…its such a great look for evening. This is def a great tutorial that breaks it down to the basics. Also LOVE the package they’re offering…such great tools for ALL looks! Thanks!

    1. Done
    2. Am already
    3. Done
    5 (2). Done

  3. I love smoky eye look. I could use the tips for the Burke party!! Hope to see you there.
    I did everything except twitter. Don’t know if I can handle signing up for that. I can barely keep up with fb.
    I continue to love your blog Shanna. You’re doing a great job!!

  4. Beautiful! I’m already a fan and I suggested some friends become fans too. and I voted for you…again. :) Thanks for the tutorial….great pics and step by step instructions.

  5. Guess today’s my contest entry day, but have to try this one too. I’ve been in a minimalist makeup rut for so long, it would be fun to see if anyone recognized me with these eyes…

    1-4. Done…even the Tweet (I think)
    5. Did this one…for My Favorite Everything (but about a million times!)

  6. How fun! Can’t wait to try this sexy look! Perfect for the holiday season and all it’s partys.

  7. Thanks so much for these wonderful tips- maybe with your help I won’t look like I got in a fight with Rocky Balboa at our holiday parties.

    2. Check!
    3. Double Check
    6. Triple Check


  8. This would be perfect for New Years Eve. I always want to do a smoky eye, but I always chicken out because I am afraid I will look like I got in a Mike Tyson fight. Thanks for the tutorial!

    1. Check
    2. Check
    6. Check


  9. Did all except the twitter thing. I’ve never been on it before so hopwfully Ill figure it out before the deadline is up! AHHHHH!!!!!

  10. Hi!
    3. I voted for you on Top Mommy Blogs.
    6. Love the site, love the story! Hot smoky eyes seem within reach now!

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