New Year, New You!

Something I’ve been thinking about the last couple of days…..there are only 4 more days left in 2009 (which means baby #3 is going to be here WAAAYY too soon!  I’ve started making up my lists of things that MUST get done before Thursday night (not just baby, but me, the house, the blog, everything), as well as goals for January 2010.  I guess it’s a blessing and a curse to be pregnant when the new year rolls around – I have NESTING overlapping with NEW YEAR BEGINNING GOALS, which all = A WHOLE LOTTA “TYPE A” going on.

Honey we need to GET THINGS DONE mode!

It’s been a great few days off.  Lots of play time with family and Littles. But I couldn’t quite figure out how I was actually getting things done, especially with my right hand on vacation all week.  Then it occurred to me, I wasn’t writing blog posts! And as much as I love sharing and writing about “favorites” with you all, it’s amazing how much time gets sucked out of a day!! However, nothing is changing, my head is down and we are charging forward with just as many fun posts as there have been until now!

But looking at the photo of Addie above on Christmas Day at the park reminded me that life is fun!  And our Littles are fun (they are WORK, but they are FUN!)  So I’ve decided that the January posts are going to focus on getting life organized so that we can have more fun with our family & friends, our Littles, gran-Littles, and friends Littles!

Thursday is a NEW YEAR, which means ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!



New HOME (or ways to make if feel new)


You most certainly need to check in, or subscribe to daily emails.  I think I’m about to tear apart small areas of my house, myself, my closets, the Littles’ closets, etc and put them all back together.  It’s going to be fun!  Can’t wait to do this all with you and get us all into a better place.  Start thinking about what you want 2010 to be for you. What do you want to accomplish in the next 365 days?  I don’t mean hard and fast New Year’s resolutions that you burn out on after a week, I mean true goals that would make you SOOO excited  you actually achieved them!

One of the best New Years resolutions I’ve heard came from my hubby’s brother, he set a goal last year to workout “100 times in 2009”.  His goal was not to go to the gym a set number of days in a week, just 100 times in the entire year.  The window was SOOOO OPEN for success with a goal like that!  Easy to go more times some weeks, and less other weeks when the schedules didn’t permit.  In the end he not only achieved his goal but lost 30 lbs while he was at it!!  LOVE IT!!  I’m totally adding that one to my 2010 hopes and dreams.

I’m working on my goals, I encourage you to too…let’s compare!  I’ll post my list on New Years Eve, and I would love to hear things you all are thinking about.  Leave a comment below with any suggestions you have, or something that you plan on doing – we might all get a little something from each other that way.

Happy List making!

Fresh New Year's Cards

7 thoughts on “New Year, New You!”

  1. I too, am totally in a re-organizing and de-cluttering mode! That gives me more energy to focus on what matters and to “clean up” what doesn’t belong anymore…I’m going to focus along those lines for my 2010 goals too. Thanks for all of your great ideas and energy!!

  2. Shanna – I too find that the end of the year comes with a certain ‘rush’ of energy to get everything packed away and ready for the New Year! I have adopted some of the Chinese New Year Traditions because A.) the Chinese New Year happens weeks after the 31st – kinda takes the pressure off to have it all done by NYE (next one is FEB 14) and B.) it’s about starting off the New Year FRESH – repaid debts, forgiveness and a clean organized home.

    Another tradition that my GFs and I do every NYE is have a BURN & FLOAT party. You write down your the things you want to get rid of in your life, roll them up and toss them into a fire (BURN) and then you write down your wishes for the new year and put them in a paper boat and send them sailing away in body of water (FLOAT). If you aren’t close to a lake, ocean or stream you can use your backyard pool or a local fountain! Its empowering to watch those goodbye burn and a great way to send out your “intentions” for the New Year ahead! I can email you the templates if any of your readers would like a copy. :)

    Looking forward to following MFE and the addition of baby #3 in 2010!

  3. i’m so ready for some organizing. Tore apart my kitchen all weekend and on my way to the container store now. looking forward to more great tips from MFE!

  4. Organizing, yes—the seemingly never-ending desire to have my life in order—but can I say that the photo of your daughter is just beautiful! Such a look of joy. I want to feel THAT this year!

  5. I’m so tired of living in a house full of clutter! I feel like an episode of “Hoarders” but on a much smaller scale. I definitely need help organizing my home and my free time (what little of it there is). I love the idea of working out 100 times in a year. Can’t wait for the tips!

  6. I love the idea from Lindsey- did she happen to send the templates- I’d love to use it for our NYE party this year.

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