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Got Milk Law 2

I’m new to the blogging world as most of you know.  “My Favorite Everything” is 6 1/2 weeks old today (shameless plug is about to happen….with just over 6K visitors and 21K pageviews!  Thank you for stopping by to visit so often…please continue to spread the word!) We are sooo excited that you like us! OK now back to the post…

Imagine how excited I was when fabulous Day Tripping Mom invited me to an event with other bloggers…and it was for “Got Milk?”  For those that don’t know me, milk is second only to wine in my house (which I don’t get to drink a lot of being pregnant, so milk is currently #1)!

My coffee in the morning? Hot milk with a splash of coffee.

Breakfast? Cereal with LOTS of milk.

Dessert? Milk and Trader Joe’s home baked cookies.

Snack?  Milk and Ovaltine, or milk and graham crackers are perfect pairs.

So to be invited to a “Got Milk?” event was right up there in my FAVORITE things to do.

Milk has a special place in my heart.

This past Tuesday I took my “Latte Fairy” (my dear friend who likes to surprise you and drop in with a much needed latte when you least expect it, and MOST need it!), Allison Olmstead of TO Media Co, and 2 of her kids (so bummed mine were sick) and we headed up to Los Angeles to check things out.

Got Milk Lattes

The event was super family friendly, an intimate coffee shop gathering with hot chocolate and crafts for the kids and super yummy lattes with award winning Barista, Heather Perry for the parents. Two of the recipes will definitely become FAVORITES for me (and I’m normally just a straight up, un-sweetened, latte kinda girl) which is why I had to write and share them with you!

Got Milk Shop

Got Milk John

Got Milk Crafts

And to prove that my VERY pregnant self was truly there….

Got Milk Tray Photo

My most FAVORITE things about both recipes?

1. You don’t need any fancy equipment.

2. You can make them with regular coffee.

3. They will both impress any holiday party guests with the greatest of ease!

Got Milk Toffee Recipe

Got Milk Pumpkin Spice

Got Milk Pumpkin Spice Recipe

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!

Side note – if anyone is stopping by to see who the winner of the Halsea Giveaway is, I’ll announce it in Sunday morning’s post.  My Giveaway “drawers” can’t stay up until 9pm….but they will draw over breakfast so we can include in Sunday’s post!  Thanks!!

Got Milk Law

(Disclaimer: I have not received compensation or gifts to write this post.
These are my personal and honest opinions.

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  1. Hi I’what milk need for coffee latte… and what coffee need for latte art..

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