a little t.shirt love

I am not a crafty person.

Wish I was.

But I’m not.

Wont even pretend to be just a little bit crafty.

Instead I like to find people that ARE crafty and toss ideas around with them, since I know the completed project will look MUCH BETTER coming from them rather than me.

The current project I was trying to figure out was cute Valentine’s T-shirts for the girls.  Usually I see something fun at Old Navy that is $5-8, and cute (but not cutsie) and perfect for the current holiday.  But not this time.  Just wasn’t working for me…

So I started looking through my Favorite Etsy shops and was reminded of Bits for Baby.  Of all people, my youngest sister and her good friend are the ones that turned me onto this lovely shoppe!  (They are totally “in the know” San Francisco city girls, my sister just got married in October, and neither has children…BUT they are AVID baby gift shoppers!)

Jessica from Bits for Baby, could not have been sweeter to work with!

Bits for Baby, is a darling little Etsy shop that you can mix and match fabrics

that are then made into the sweetest onsies, onsie & bib sets, and binkie clips.

And the prices are all sooo reasonable, $5 – $16!

But here is the fun project we worked on.  Bits for Baby has a Birthday Applique that you can choose your fabrics, and the number your Little is turning, and then Jessica will make you an easy applique that you can iron onto ANY T-Shirt, Sweat Shirt, etc…THAT is something I can do.  I may not iron anything else, but 1 little applique is TOTALLY DOABLE!  I get to feel a little more like a “real mom” making clothes for my girls, but wasn’t responsible for any of the “heavy lifting”.

So Jessica and I put our heads together and changed the Birthday Applique into a fun Seasonal Applique.  I chose some fabrics and she put these darling hearts on them in place of the birthday numbers…LOVE THEM!  And ANY AGE can wear them!  I should have had one made for me!

I got them Tuesday morning and zipped over to Target.  Picked up some $5 pink t-shirts, plugged in the iron and I kid you not, MAX 5 minutes later I had the most darling Valentine’s shirts!!!  I kept asking my husband to come look at them and tell me how sweet they were!!  (I think he thought I was nuts!)

This is before I ironed them on…
(please note, my husband wanted to take a photo of me ironing, this truly is a RARE occasion!)

Here’s the finished product…

This is what they are wearing for Valentines Day…
(I’m putting white long sleeve onsie’s under ~ love the layered shirt look)

Honestly, these shirts are so stinking cute in real life!! I can hardly stand it!!!

In further talking we figured out that this would also make a SUPER SWEET St Patrick’s Day shirt with a shamrock…or a little bunny for Easter!  Don’t you LOVE when you get this LUCKY to meet someone so nice!!  So HOP to it and choose some fabrics for some SIMPLE & FUN holiday shirts! (If you don’t see a listing for something in her shop, send her an email through Etsy!)

You CAN’T go wrong at $5!!!!!

ANNNNNNDDDDD we have a GIVEAWAY!  2 winners will each win 1 Valentine Applique!

Here’s all you have to do:

Visit Bits for Baby’s Etsy shop, come back and tell us your favorite fabric combo in your comment below, it’s that simple!

Giveaway ends Thursday, February 4th at 5:00pm PST.  Good Luck!!

34 thoughts on “a little t.shirt love”

  1. I bought a onesie for my niece Marlowe on this Etsy site — used fabric #16 and a lower-case “m.” Turned out sooo cute!

  2. Your blog is so informative and clever. Can’t wait to try most of your recent posts. I intend to stop by again!
    Our blogs are semi-similar; I’d love your feedback about mine, if you have a sec!
    http://www.TodaysCliche.com. Thanks!!

  3. I really love the I heart space set! I love anything of the 50’s-kitch variety! :)

    I enjoy your blog so much! I ordered a print from sarah+abraham and couldn’t have been more pleased. Thank you for making my gift shopping so much easier.

  4. I love, love fabrics 20 and 21. Not sure how they would look together but I think it would be interesting to see the final results. I would love to win this give away for my baby girl. She will turn 18 months on February 3rd!! I love all the fabrics, hard to choose from.

  5. Hey Tiffany! 20 and 21 are the fabrics on Addie’s shirt in the post :-) The shirt on the right! They look super cute in real life!

  6. I also love 20 & 21 together….didn’t realize they were the one’s on Addie’s shirt until I saw the post above. They look adorable together! Also, I love the little tie shirts for boys…I think the blue fabric #5 is my favorite for those. I would love to win this…my little girl is 7.5 months old and I was just thinking I need to get on the ball with Valentine’s day and try and come up with something clever. Thanks for solving my dilemma! :)

  7. I LOVE 18 & 14 together (is that what you did for Hay’s shirt??) I was thinking I would go to Old Navy today to try your old Valentine’s Day plan- but I like this plan MUCH better! Thanks so much!!

  8. Yep! And I love it! I also really love that I was able to get the perfect pink shirts at Target to go with both sets of iron ons! Seriously so much cuter than the Old Navy route!

  9. Honestly, email Jessica through her Etsy shop! She is super easy to work with and if she doesn’t have it, I’m sure she could do it! Such a cute personalize option for not a lot of $$$!

  10. Those are really cute… going to buy a couple right now. I just got my girls red converse can’t wait! We are baking sugar heart cut-outs and decorating for Grandma, daddy and auntie’s Love it!

  11. I love this etsy shop! I bought a few things from her for some new baby’s arrival gifts for friends! Now I’m shopping again!
    My Favorite patterns together are: 12 and 20!
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Oooooh, they would look great with my beanie hats or head bands for girls! I’ve yet to send you pics. They are posted on my facebook if you want to take a look in my albums. Baby Beanies or flower headbands.
    I am crafty and these fabrics would look great on quilts! This may be inspiring me to finally get out my sewing machine again! It’s been collecting dust since I’ve been back to work after having my 2nd baby. Life got a little busy!

    BTW: I like the combination in the shirt above on the left. (The light pink background). Very cute!!

  13. I just came from Old Navy you were right they have nothing. I’m going your ETSY route! Now I need to find a longsleeved shirt (another requirement along with no tags and uber-soft)

    enjoy your take out dinner week!


  14. Love these onsie’s, and the all the designs! But really love the I heart space set!

    I am going to have to order some for my little ones and for friends!

  15. For the v-day hearts, I love 11 all by itself, and like 10 & 3 together. Awesome shop, just hearted so I will remember it for later! Glad you found me on Twitter-great blog!


  16. I love all of the fabrics…so hard to choose…I think I like 2 & 8 or 2 & 3 the best. Everything is so adorable!!!!

  17. OH MY I love these! I just ordered one with #14 fabric for the circle and the stripes for my daughter’s 2 year old b-day and one for valentines day and one for a birthday gift for a friend (copied the idea from above) with the letter. SO cute!
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Lindsay’s Sparkly Shoes =-.

  18. I love “I heart cupcakes” just as shown in the sample, with number 18 for the icing. Too stinkin’ cute!

  19. Very sweet!
    Something about the fabric combo of no 2 and no 5 are speaking to me. A little busy, but playful!
    I’m not a great sewer, but my ironing skills are unmatched so this is a terrific idea!

  20. I bought these for my sister in law’s kids and since she is A. the creative one in our family and B. the one who turned me on to your website, I sure hope she did not respond to this posting… we did bday ones of 15 on 16 and then 18 on 14.. and then I copied her v-day style b/c I loved it too much to pretend I could do anything better.

  21. So cute! I think my favorite right now is #14 and #11 together. I just took down a bunch of pale-colored things in my daughter’s room today and I am totally digging the bright colors for spring and summer!

    P.S. Everything in the shop is mega cute.

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