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I’m slowly getting back up to full speed, well maybe half speed. It’s definitely taking longer than I planned. Not that I need to “recover”, it’s just the balance and finding the time.  Normally I have evenings to work after the kids are in bed, but right now I have lost the ability to keep my eyes open past 8:30.

That’s A LOT of lost work hours!!

Plus the days I have our Right Hand working with me, she only has Addie & Hay, Piper is still with me most of the time, so typing the blog one handed kinda slows down the schedule a bit….

But we’ll get there….thanks for your patience while we do!

Now onto Friday Favorites.…(I think it’s about time these came back!)

Saw this cute party on one of my FAVORITE sites, Oh My! Handmade Goodness. Such a fabulous little girls party and a great take on the rainbow cake. And she shares where she found to make it!!  I love the red glitter shoes and the Dorthy outfit kills me! The mom at Cookie Mondays has unbelievable talent!   I have loved following her!! Most definitely check out her blog a FAVORITE! (And in case you missed it, this is the earlier post I had with another rainbow cake).

Next FAVORITE is from Bloom Works. You may remember them from this post.  Super cute bonnets, crayon rolls, diaper carrying cases, etc. But this week, she is offer $5 off her DARLING summer smock dresses!  These dresses are not only super cute, but they have functional soft elastic straps so that your Little can get herself dressed!  Great way to teach them to dress themselves, AND be wearing a coordinating outfit (But then again, it’s kinda cute when they pick 2 different colored socks, shoes on opposite feet and a bathing suit to wear with their jeans!)  Check out the dresses and save!  I ordered 2 for Addie and Hay, can’t wait to get them!!

Third FAVORITE I saw on Event Origin’s site.  She discovered a Vancouver, Bristish Columbia Canada based cake superstar, Coco Cake, by way of Poppy Talk (another not to miss blog!!) that makes these ridiculously incredible cakes! Can you stand it!! So wishing we still lived in Canada!  I will most certainly check things out next trip north!

The last FAVORITE for Friday is Rachel Zoe’s Behind “Clothed” Doors essentials. She even has a few of my Favorites on her list (Yummie Tummie, Spanx, Fashion Tape…) and there’s a few I’ve got to try!

Enjoy your weekend and hug your Littles and Gran Littles!

5 thoughts on “friday favorites”

  1. Thanks for sharing very cute stuff!!
    My Daughter Loves her shiny red shoes!! I have to hide them from her sometimes before so she can wear other shoes.

  2. We know you are exhausted and overwhlemed and out numbered – but you manage to do it with such humor, style and grace!!! Hang in there Shanna – We love ya!!!

  3. I really like those RZ pics….those undies are darling and I def want to get some in that pretty mint color. I also am obsessed with my silicone Nippies Natural that RZ mentioned in her list, wear them tucked into my bra everyday! Great post – so colorful!!!!

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