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So fun to get all our your emails and questions!!  Please know that I will try my very best to answer you.  I am VERY slow at replying!!  I don’t mean to be, but well, there are these 3 kids that seem to take up A LOT of time….

Anywhoooo, one of the questions I often get is what does my daily schedule look like…and I’ve been meaning to post that one for quite some time.  But it’s somewhat of a moving target, no day is ever perfect! I will get to that post one of these days….

But until then…

I try to do a few things to at least help maintain consistency, which in turn helps keep my sanity!

Around 9AM Piper takes a nap for an hour.  I normally pop Addie and Hayden into their counter highchairs and pull out a “FUN BOX” from the hall closet.  I’ll post more on this next week (and yes I know, I also owe you a Flat Belly update, the hall closet update, a meal plan, the OC Fair winner, real travel tips, etc…..hoping you will still love me and can pretty please grace me with a few more days! Many thanks!!)

So while Piper naps, I bring out a box of toys – Paint Box, Animal Box, Train Box, Jewel Box, Hat Box, Car Box….there are LOADS of boxes in that cupboard.  I usually say “Cars or Trains?”, “Animals or Jewels?”.  None of the boxes have a lot in them, just ENOUGH to entertain for an hour or so.  This gives me time to get laundry in, straighten up the kitchen, make beds, pack bags for the day and basically give myself a plan of attack.  Do I need to make the house spotless?


And it is very often not spotless.  But I at least FEEL better when I feel like I have a handle on my day and this helps me do it.  When I hear Piper wake up, the girls and I clean up the toys, I lift them down from their chairs and we all go off to get the baby and start the day.

I also do this when I’m getting dinner pulled together, and if I’m lucky Piper cooperates and plays with us too!

Tip for you is to find something that is distracting entertaining for your Littles, that keeps them from making another mess out of harms way, that will give you just enough time to keep your sanity pulled together!

4 thoughts on “sanity saver”

  1. I love a glimpse into someone else’s day! With my 8-month-old, it’s a constant challenge to find something that will entertain her for any length of time, especially now that she’s mobile. But I do have a ways that buy me 20 minutes here or there for just what you said: to gather my sanity.

  2. I feel like most people only share with us the “pretty” stuff…the things they post, the pictures… paint a picture, and it’s not exactly a full one. It makes me feel like a failure to read other people’s blogs and often think I’m the only one who has a messy house, has trouble with napping, a picky eater etc. What…your kid just takes a nap without crying and meltdowns, and eats everything you give them….oh yeah mine too. (NOT!) I commend you for your keeping it real posts…I appreciate them so much more than you know…and I love the tips you share to buy you a little time to cook dinner or tidy up. I’ll always stick with you when you are behind, cuz I am right there with you, and it makes me feel great to not be alone in that!

  3. Your comment made my entire day! I try to be as honest as possible and want to help and encourage as much as possible! Thank you for reading, following and commenting! It truly means the world!

  4. honestly it’s the just being able to put them somewhere and know they will stay there…and happily! those counter high chairs are perfect (esp. in that it keeps them in close proximity to you)! i recently set up the pack n play in the basement…weird? yes! a place to put the baby so i can move laundry around? priceless!!! she’s my hardest (at a mobile one year) right now! but at least my older two are mostly “trustable” and that helps a lot!

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