tab it baby!

You all are TOTALLY going to laugh at me!  But if you are OCD or any kind of over the edge organized person (or WANT to be that kind of person, because you know some of you do) you will love this little find!

I am never happy with my “To Do” lists.

I keep most things on my computer and therefore synced to my phone, but I have never really gotten into keeping lists for particular projects on my computer.  I tend to use them so much throughout the day and want them to be my friend and hold my hand wherever I am….the kitchen counter, next to my bed, the car, the diaper bag…I need the lists everywhere. (Though have you ever found that you just keeping making the same lists over and over again because you can’t figure out where you left the last one??? Or is that just my prego brain??)

I suppose in a way it’s like carrying a day planner, which I’ve never been a fan of carrying.  Truthfully, the day planner part is already taken care on the computer/phone.  What I needed was a “project binder”.  A place where I could keep a number of running ‘To Do” lists for different projects and be able to add paper at a whim to each list without fear of backing into a list a few pages down on the same notepad…

So Hayden and I headed off to Staples to see what we could find. And the solution is perfect for me and my crazy life!

I bought:

a small 3 ring binder

5 1/2 x 8 1/2, lined filler paper

Avery NoteTabs
(LOVE these!  New FAVORITE for sure!)

and headed home.

Now there is nothing glamorous about this notebook.

But check out the NoteTabs!!  They come similar to a post it pad.

Just peel and stick and write on the tab.

They are “durable” and “repositionable”!

And yes that is my non polished, Sally Hanson Finished nail in the photo below!
(Looks like a manicure, huh!?!? Painted them while reading emails, 3 seconds….)

Then I printed off a few months of calendars from my computer.
(The same ones that show up on my phone)

Now they are right where my project lists are.

Here’s the Birthday Project List with its own little easy to find tab!

I know, I know, I’m such an organizational loser!

But seriously this just helps me keep my brain in place.

I’m sure there is a great project app, or program, or way to track this easily to sync with my calendar,

but for as much as I love high tech and the ease and efficiency it gives us

there are some things that I just prefer the “old fashion” way…

and I LOVE my new little project binder

and ESPECIALLY LOVE the NoteTabs.  I’m about to use them EVERYWHERE!

Enjoy the last 2 days of the week! I’m off to find a cute download cover for the binder
(and to change a few diapers, and make dinner, and do some laundry…)

See ya Friday!

13 thoughts on “tab it baby!”

  1. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Go figure we are both Aquarius. Noticed you went to Gina’s on your Birthday, my first job was at Gina’s and i still love the rasta salad to this day.. I’ll send you my version of it. Also wondering if you have a weekly planner as in how you break down your days with laundry/bills/filing/computer time etc?… I’m feeling like i’m all over the place and not getting anything done.
    .-= Peter Piper´s last blog ..Children’s portrait giveaway! =-.

  2. I’m actually even digging the binder. Guess I never noticed they made one smaller than the standard paper size. Cool!

  3. Love your idea. For an overall plan check out David Allen’s “Getting Things Done”. Removes everything out of your head leaving your brain free.

  4. I totally agree in that I, too, sometimes just long for the old fashioned way. Technology is good but man how scary if you lose your phone — perhaps you’d have a backup on the computer but… just deleted the thigns that are done rather than getting to see those lines scratching them off your list… wow… it gives you a feeling of accomplishment! ha! :) I think I need me some tabs too!
    .-= April Driggers´s last blog ..Daily digs =-.

  5. Type A mommies rejoice! I lu-huv this idea! Your site is fantastic and a wonderful resource for great ideas and recipes. Off to read more!

  6. We used those tabs at work for our client’s project binders. They’re SO handy! I love your new project binder. I totally agree…sometimes nothing beats a good old fashioned list to keep your brain in order.
    .-= Diapers and Divas´s last blog ..Nap time curveball =-.

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