watch out picasso, here come the littles

As I’ve said, we’ve just returned from my parents cabin in Canada where we’ve been on vacation for the week. When you have a cabin by a lake in the woods, the surroundings give you LOTS to do.  But it helps when you can “help” your Littles jump start that fun.  Because my parents drove up, I sent up a bag of “goodies” to pull out with the kids throughout the week.

Washable paint was one of those good times!

The girls and I went on a walk one morning (while dad spent the next several hours working on the internet….middle of no where will do that).  But the Littles and I amused ourselves collecting rocks and twigs and rocks, and rocks, and rocks, and rocks, and more rocks…if Addie could have given me a boulder to put in the basket, she would have!

Once we had a nice little collection, we headed home.

Pulled out the washable paints.

And grabbed a punch of Q-tips (since I had forgotten paint brushes…)

And headed back outside to work on our masterpeices….

Let the painting begin!

Sticks, rocks, pebbles, birch…anything works to paint on.

Q-tips were just as good as a paint brush for this project. Besides, it made painting the inside of their ears that much easier!

When we paint at home, I like to use white paper plates because the plates end up looking REALLY cool in the end.  I have quite a few that I’ve hung in my office.  Artwork can be found anywhere.

Seriously at business here.

We’ve moved on from painting rocks and sticks (this is when WASHABLE paint is um, good).

Addie wanted tatoos.

Oh NO Mama, what are they dooooiing??

Then Addie wanted to give Hay tatoos.

This is what happens when dad is fixing the internet and mom is left alone with the Littles.

Um, Mama, what is she, doing to me??

That’s right, who’s cool.

Sis, we are just a BIG mess.

A cute mess.

But a big mess.

And mom is sooo happy all this is washable!

But our rocks are cute.  Can’t wait to see visit them next year.

Be sure to sign and date them!

(Um, Auntie T, we might have forgotten to do that, pretty please, could you help us out with that?)

8 thoughts on “watch out picasso, here come the littles”

  1. Thank God for washable paints! ha ha! And washable markers…and just about anything that wipes off with ease. This is a great project, especially when you can stretch the time spent keeping them busy from picking the rocks to decorating. Hours of fun & entertainment all around!

  2. I’m thinking a quick swim afterwards got rid of all the tattoos!! It looks like they had fun and I love their artwork!

    Here’s hoping your laundry pile shrinks fast! There is nothing worse than doing laundry after a vacation.. it just sucks.


  3. Love the rock painting and sister painting! I grew up in Minnesota going up to the cabin by the lake too – many great memories! You girls look so cute in the boat:)

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