we work for room & board around here

We’re kind of slave drivers around here. You pull your weight, all 30 lbs of it in the Littles’ case, otherwise no dinner for you!  You work for room and board…..

We don’t even give much time to fasten your onsies…

Nice girls.  Good work on that rim Hayden!

Addie, keep your eye on the goal….clean car for Mama.

Be sure to ring that rag out, no dirty streaks on the car please.

Hayden: “How do I do it again Dada??”

Like this, just put some elbow grease in it.

(Sorry Hon, if you get between the camera and the girls,
your backside will most likely end up in a post….)

Hayden: “K, got it, Dada.  Can I try again??”

Nice work Addie!  You’ve got the skills DOWN!

It’s OK, Hayden, you’re still learning. We’ll let you eat tonight…maybe.

We expect the trikes and push cars to be spotless too.

Good form Addie.

Be sure all parts are clean, no skimping…under the hoods, the grill, the whole bit.

Yes, and that’s the consequence, eating dirty car rags.

Better luck next time Hay.

8 thoughts on “we work for room & board around here”

  1. I love the shots!! Makes me want to have another child.. all the little children all soapy wearing onesies… AWWW….

    I’ll just remember J’s delivery (48 hrs of back labour, thank you very much!!) and walk away thinking fond thoughts and not urge to fight for 1 more.

    It looks like you had a great day!!


  2. Hey if you need an extra red push car. I have a duplicate collecting dust on my side yard, would you be interested in it? (for absolutely $$free)

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