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As you know, we have the whole body art thing going on in our house…

Well, it started when a friend introduced me to face painting this summer.  Like you, I was thinking, “Oh yeah, riggghhhht.  Cuz I have sooo much artistic skill!!”  But after watching her, I realized two things:

  1. Your kids have NO IDEA what you have actually painted on their faces
  2. And if you take it one step at a time, you can actually paint a pretty decent face! Who knew?!?

So a few weeks ago when I was loading up on kid craft supplies at Michaels I saw this Face Painting Kit and decided to give it a whirl.  OH MY GOODNESS the fun we have had!!

“Mama, tiger!” “Mama, bunny!” “Mama Dinosaur!” (yeah that one made my scratch me head a little, but refer back to point #1 above…)

Truly, they are mesmerized and love SITTING STILL in order for me to paint them, and honestly, I’ve had fun trying to perfect my face painting skills (or current lack there of…). So go grab a set, give it a try, really there isn’t anything that can happen but an afternoon of fun.  (Ohhhhh and if by chance your 19 month old does put her painted face on a white linen pillow, if you wipe it down with the first thing you can get you hands on – Costco wipe – you will be pleasantly surprised it cleans right up in seconds!)

This was a day Addie wanted to be a tiger…

And sweet Hayden and her pigtails wanted to be a fairy.

This is another way to go for face painting. They are special face crayons. This is what my friend introduced me too and we loved these just as much!

Klutz Body Crayon Book

Give it a try!  You’ve got nothing to be afraid of, if nothing else, you’ll have 5 minutes to sit and breathe and your kids will be magically entertained!

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