1 dinner, 2 meals ~ bowls & burritos

I absolutely LOVE when I can make 1 dinner count for 2 meals!  Such a time saver, not to mention budget friendly…

Crock Pot Chicken Bowls are one of my favorite meal staples.  If I don’t make this once a week, then at least every other week. (Sad I know, but like I said, EASY).

This past week I threw everything into the crock pot, and by “everything” I mean, all that I’ve listed as an ingredient, plus any leftover chicken or beef that I found in the fridge. (We had grilled chicken and Oven Tri-Tip both ready and waiting for me…)

But then I got a wild hair and decided to make kid friendly burritos.

I wrapped a couple of damp paper towels around a stack of flour tortilla and nuked them for about a minute.

Then scooped some of the meat & bean mixture into the middle of a tortilla and rolled them up, kid friendly, and little hand style (sorry I didn’t photograph the “how to”. You just fold over opposite ends of the tortilla towards the mixture, then take the 3rd side and pull it over the mixture and the folds you just created, tuck it in and ROLL – Hope that makes sense….I’ll take a pic next time.)

Be sure to add the toppings you like – avocado, cheese, jalapenos, etc…

Served ’em on a plate with fruit.  Dinner was fun and the kiddos LOVED holding it all in their hands.

Then a few nights later, I reheated the leftover mixture and we had the chicken bowls…

Simple, easy, affordable, and FUN!

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