crock pot chicken bowls

I have a fabulous mom friend of 4 grade school & high school girls.  She has to have her act together to keep everything running in their house!  And although she says she doesn’t cook, she has shared more than a few great, quick recipes with me.  This one she does on the stove top, but I’ve found that by throwing it in my crock pot on low it keeps it warm and can be served to the Littles, Hubby and me when we have to eat dinner at all different times…it is so easy, you can heat it up anyway you want!

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1 Rotissierie Chicken, shredded or diced (can also use left over steak cubed, or taco meat, but my favorite is chicken)**
1 to 2 cans of Herdez Cesera Salsa
1 can pinto beans, drained and rinsed
3-4 cups Costco frozen brown rice
1-2 diced avocados
optional – sliced jalapenos


This is the tough part…throw everything in the crockpot, stir and let heat on low for an hour.  Serve with warm tortillas (heat on a plate for 1 minute in microwave wrapped in damp paper towel) or cheese quesadilla wedges.

(Hubby likes his served in a bowl with sliced jalapenos and avocados, Addie and I pass on the jalapenos.)

** I often buy 1 or 2 rotisserie chickens from Costco on the weekend, shred them and freeze in a large ziplock bag.  Then I have it to use throughout the week in whatever dish I choose.  You could put any of the above ingredients in the crockpot frozen.

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