this girls got a steamy kitchen, and it’s good

I am seriously in-love with Jaden Hair from The Steamy Kitchen. (Not in a stalker kinda way, cuz that’d be weird.  But in a “this-lady-can-cook-and-I’m-not-quite-sure-I-WAS-really-cooking-before-I-read-her-book” kinda way)

WHAT!?!?  You haven’t heard of her???  OHHH, you HAVE and I’m the last person on this earth that didn’t know about her before a few months ago..


Well, now that we have that cleared up, if you don’t already follow her BEAUTIFUL site with LOADS of amazing recipes and photos that will make you want to eat your computer screen…

I encourage you to do so.

And if you don’t already own her cookbook, The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook, go buy it now.  You wont be sorry.

Here’s the tag line, “101 Asian recipes simple enough for tonight’s dinner.” And she’s not kidding. I did go out and purchase a few pantry items to make my life easier (Oyster Sauce, Hoison Sauce, Coconut Milk, Sake, Rice Vinegar).  But once I had that taken care of, almost any dish could be ready in minutes (honestly, MINUTES).  As usual, I tend to prep things in the morning while the kids play, but you certainly don’t have to to have her dinners on the table super quick.

I’ve been reading through the book since last month (I’m kinda weird that way, I like to take it all in before I start to tackle things).  Anyway, we’ve tried the Lettuce Wraps, Coconut Rice (OMG, best ever!!!!), & Perfect Shrimp Fried Rice.  And the Grilled Lamb Chops with Asian Pesto are up for this weekend. (But not the same day as the Foodie Fest because that would be food overload…).

Kids loved it, I loved it, hubs loved it, the floor loved it

(which wasn’t love for me, but the rice was so good it was worth it!)

Make this this week!

(As I’m writing this post, I’m eating leftover lettuce wraps….hmmmmm GOOD!)

2 thoughts on “this girls got a steamy kitchen, and it’s good”

  1. I made this tonight – with a few trader joe packages, brown microwaveable rice and stir fry sauce – delicious!

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