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So it’s just shy of 100 degrees around our house right now.  In fact it was 90 IN OUR HOUSE last night!!  We were all completely melting, but I gotta hand it to Piper…she helped the whole fam damily out.  Normally she goes down like a champ by 7:15…

But not last night.

Every time I tried to get her down, poor thing just kept crying. She was so hot. Just sweating in her crib.

Hubs couldn’t take it anymore. “Close the doors we’re turning on the AC!”


All that being said, HOW is it October this weekend???  Last week there was just a hint of fall. The kids were putting on sweatshirts to go to the park, it was a nice change.  But then Summer decided to finally show up on the first day of Fall, SERIOUSLY!?!?!?  Why???

BUT, I will say that it has been fun to start thinking about Halloween decorations, to read some fun Halloweeen decorating tips, and dream about the recipes.  Thought I would share a few favorites with ya.

Do you know who Amy Atlas is??  I guess if I kept up in the party design & styling world better, I would.  But hear me now, I’m following her site from this day forward!!  So much talent, and a wealth of inspiration!! How amazing does this table look!

I am so in love with these witches hats/ice cream cones, I’m going on a search for them…anyone have any ideas??

Super cute treat bags…

(Photo Credit: All above images, Amy Atlas)

They reminded me of a treat bag a darling friend of mine made for her little girl’s play group one year…aren’t these witches broomsticks the best!! I found similar tutorials for both of these bags on Martha Stewart’s site.

This is a project my girls would LOVE! I think the stamp could work well with a pumpkin face too.  I’m going to try really hard to fit this one into our October somewhere, cross your fingers (boney finger?) I can get a post out about it…

Or you could just make your life simple and draw cute faces on balloons…cheap and easy!

ORRRR, I saw these already painted on faces at Pottery Barn Kids.  But if you’re still feeling like being crafty, Ikea is selling paper lanterns (blue, green, red/orange, pink, yellow, white ~ colors aren’t shown in the link) right now for $5…you could paint them yourself…I actually bought white ones that I’ve got a crafty ghost project I’m hoping to do.  Again cross your boney fingers…

And while we are on pumpkin faces, how about these cute little numbers from one of my absolute favorites, Bakerella??! Pretty stinking cute!

Or you can move on from just pumpkin faces and go for the whole spooky crew!!! These kill me they are so cute! And if you like these, you should see her other pops.  Bakerella has a BEAUTIFUL book that was just released.  I think it would make a great Christmas gift for a baking foodie in your life. I still think it’s funny that the one Martha Stewart TV episode I’ve ever watched was the one Bakerella (I wrote about it here) was on…AND that the post she talks about maybe doing a cake pop cookbook, is this Halloween post!

But if the whole spooky face thing isn’t for you, how about just the eyeballs??  These have GOT to be tasty! Basically because everything Pick Palate makes, well, IS tasty, plus peanut butter is involved!

(And why, oh why does Halloween have to come around when I need to get rid of baby lbs!!!!) Someone make these and tell me just how YUM these are!

If you’re just the mature, no faces on anything type, then I’m pretty sure these Chocolate & Pumpkin Pie Shortbread Bars are gonna work for you….

Again, Picky Palate’s recipes are down right, GOOD!

Get your Halloween decorations up this weekend! (Then can you come over and do mine too??) Enjoy the start of fall and all the spooky goodness it has to offer!

(Photo Credits: All images are from the respective site links mentioned.)

12 thoughts on “a few favorite spooky things”

  1. LOVE YOUR BLOG SHANNA! Always looking for fun ideas for Halloween. Thanks girl, lets get together for a play date soon. xoxox, Laura, Ava, Connor and Brody

  2. LOVE all of these ideas – I got to get baking! The witch ice cream cone cupcake idea came form Martha – tried making it last year (but mine didn’t turn out as cute as these pics) :(

  3. Oh, my goodness you are SO CREATIVE! I love the photography too- but seriously you are the new Martha. Congrats and making such fun, festive treats!!! I want to come to your halloween party hah

  4. Oh goodness you are so sweet!!! Just to be clear, I am soooo not Martha or Amy Atlas or Picky Palate, or…..

    I just know a great idea when I see it :-) These are all things I hope to try too, but have not attempted yet!! Let me know if you try anything, would love to see them! Thanks for reading!

  5. Oh I am sooo with ya on the AC! Unfortunately, with no longer having a nice paycheck from the corp job, and our fun budget, hubs isn’t so into using the AC :-( Somehow thinks that ocean breeze from quite a few miles away should be enough…hmmmmm

    Good luck with your party! Send photos!!

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