Last minute gift idea ~ Orly Kiely

Oh, my, my…my my, my…my my, my…

How do I love this book? Let me count the ways!  My youngest sister turned me onto Pattern, by Orly Kiely and I have been in love with it since it arrived. I actually gave it to a girlfriend for her birthday this morning (My little sis is so sad to read that right now.). As I lifted if from my desk, it was like watching my left arm being taken away from me. A sad, sad morning. The only thing that made it all OK was seeing how excited my friend was to look through it!

Seriously people, if you are still wondering what to get your sister, your mom, your mother in law, your daughter, YOURSELF (did I say that??)


It is filled with pages of pages of patterns, and photos, and inspiration, and all around goodness.

So much fun!

If you love design, fashion, books…


Love the images!

Love the simplicity!

I don’t know why, but sketches like this get me every time!

Love the controlled confusion and design…

Don’t even get me started on bags.  Love me a great bag more than my husband would like  (so sorry Babe, it just can’t be helped…)

And no, not one of my Littles. And no, none of them will ever be this big. They will stay babies forever. Enough said.

Bags, shoes, bags, shoes. Addie and I would like them all please.

Go purchase Pattern by Orly Kiely.  Or buy it for someone you love. Any human being would love this gift! Honestly, they will be grateful forever (am I getting the point across??)!! I’m hoping Santa reads this post and it magically appears under our tree!!  (Best $23.09 ~ on Amazon ~ with Super Saver Shipping you’ve ever spent!!)

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