oh my goodness!

I can’t even write a post today, I’m so excited about Lonny Magazine introducing their new “Kids’ Rooms” section on their site. HELLO!!!  Can we all say “amazing”??

Say it with me, 1, 2, 3…..


I was a huge fan of Domino Magazine…I adore Lonny Magazine….and we of course all know that I’m a huge advocate that having kids does not mean you need to lose your style. Please check out the kids section and see what I mean….beautiful rooms, wonderful spaces. Thank you Lonny!

2 thoughts on “oh my goodness!”

  1. Okay, Shanna. You are never allowed in my house. What if you never had style to begin with? You’d gasp at the walls adorned with no more than a few pieces of “artwork” from Target. I’ll just come here to get my fill of style without any effort on my part!

  2. Haaaa!! That’s funny Michele :-) What’s important is that YOU like the space you live in. I just love that there are so many options these days for great family spaces without feeling like you’re being taken over by kid land….for that we can take a tour of all YOUR fabulous park suggestions!

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