our home ~ the beginning

I’m often asked about our house. I love our house. It’s not huge, 2 of our girls share a room and I’m pretty sure no one would consider our bedroom a “Master Bedroom”! But I love our house because it is filled with our own love, blood, sweat, and tears.

But most importantly, because our house found us.

When my husband and I were still free to call the shots on the weekends, meaning there was only Addie and at 5 months or so, she didn’t demand all that much, we used to drive around neighborhoods looking. Looking for a home. Looking for things we both liked. Looking for our future. We were also newly pregnant with #2 at the time, so we knew our sweet little 2 bedroom cottage rental wasn’t going to last us too much longer.

One Saturday we drove down the street to an open house we were hoping to see, only to find out it wasn’t open for another few hours. Bummer. As we continued down the street we saw a house. THE WORST HOUSE ON THE STREET.

I turned to my hubs and said, That is the house we need to buy. First off, it’s probably the only one we can afford. And secondly we can do what we want to it.

He agreed as we continued driving, making a mental note to check who the owner was….but life, as it does, got in the way and we forgot about the house.

A few weeks later a friend told us about a house going on the market across the street from her. Fun! Morning coffee talk in the street with a girlfriend. My husband also had a friend who lived on the street. Perfect! We made an appointment to see the house the next night. My husband tends to bounce ideas off co-workers, and brought up the house the next day asking what they all thought about the area. One of his co-workers left to take a call. When he came back he told Hubs that we should take a look at a house his friend just called him about. His friend was a real estate broker, living next door to a house that wasn’t being lived in. He was hoping to talk to the owner about selling it…maybe Hub’s co-worker wanted a rental property??

So we were now on our way to see 2 homes. We saw the first, loads of good things about it, and of course I loved that it was so close to friends! But there were design limitations, and other challenges to get around.

Then we drove to the second.

You know where I’m headed with this. It was the house.

The house at the end of the street. Seriously?!?!? My heart just about jumped through my chest! We walked in and all the broker said was…..

You need to have a good imagination.

Truly he wasn’t kidding.

We bought the house. And this is what it looked like when we did.  11 weeks later, it looked a whole lot different.

The backyard. Only things living here were the overgrown hedges and trees.

Did I mention the backdoor? Yeah, it was pretty. I BEGGED to keep it!

The home to our future vegetable garden.

Loved that pop out kitchen window. I’m still missing it…We had a “We Bought a House / White Trash BYOB Party” the weekend we closed. The card table and fold up beach chairs were set up in this lovely patio area.

Now THIS was a thing of beauty. Hubs really fought (not) to keep it. You could not turn on the dishwasher without every light in the house flickering. Fun.

And don’t ask about the sewage. A hugs tree root, that looked like a snake, but was not, but really, really looked like one + old pipes = no working sewage lines to the street. Double fun.

Ok, let’s step inside for a minute. Join me at the front door.

Take a seat in the Family Room. But watch your head. Hubs is 6′ 5″, it was a little low…built in the 50s. Maybe people were smaller??

The kitchen. Yes, that’s me…about 4 1/2 months pregnant, with Addie, about 6 months. We’re both looking (a little horrified) at the kitchen. There had been some water damage at some point. The owner thought the best thing to do was tear out the ceiling and slap up some drywall. Surrrrre. That’d be my choice too.

Kitchen in the other direction. That light at the end of the tunnel? My future office. Hoping it was a sign of “Brilliant” things to come!

This is where I work. Used to be a laundry room in this photo. And it was after we moved in too. My co-worker was a stackable washer & dryer. But they’ve moved to their own room now. One of em snored.

Loooong dark hallway to our “Master” Bedroom. Love that track lighting!

Kids Bathroom. It’s a little more cheerful now. And it’s clean…sometimes.

More water damage. This time in our future nursery.  I think they thought the popcorn ceiling hid the damage. “What water ring? I just see an ‘attractive’ texture on the ceiling…”

Our “Master” Bath. Gotta love the Hollywood lighting!

Hub’s future man cave. One day, come Hell or High water he vows to have a space not overrun with girl things. He’s still trying. I’m sure he’ll get there.

One day.

I’m pulling for ya Hon! (snicker, snicker….)

Stay tuned. The coming weeks will have much sharing of how we got from here to now!

9 thoughts on “our home ~ the beginning”

  1. I think it’s great that you fell in love with a “diamond in the rough!” My hubs and I also fell in love with a dump and have been fixing it up ever since. We love older homes with bit of charm to them. You’ve shared a few photos before in other posts, but I can’t wait to see the post with all the changes and upgrades!

  2. I’ve always wanted to do that, buy a house that needs a lot of work but has so much potential but when it came time to buy a house, I was working two jobs and going to school, so I cheated and had one built. I wish I would have bought a fixer upper, there is so much pride in what you accomplish! That’s awesome!! Can’t wait to see more!!

  3. Crazy! Huh! My husband and I were a little shocked too when we looked back at it! Can’t wait to start sharing how we updated all the areas…

  4. OMG, my house was similar 1960s ranch style. We had astroturf in the backyard and gross blue carpet in our kitchen. Spiders fell on to my bed from cracks in the vaulted ceiling in our master. I cried a lot. 5 years later, it’s perfect (for me) and I’m pretty sure we’ll never move.

  5. Ok – the suspense is killing me. I have to see how your house turned out. You have such vision. I would never have been able to tackle such a project, but I sure love to watch how others do it. Can’t wait to see.

  6. Your house had many possibilities, I’m sure in your tremendously creative mind.
    And I love your sharing of tips, as well as all your news and pix.

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