steam? convection? in your own kitchen?

So this week I’m back in Scottsdale.  Remember the Bosch Vision Washer & Dryer?  Yep, I’m back in that training facility…and I promise, if those machines weren’t installed, I’d be trying to squeeze them in my tote bag!  As it is, I’m thinking I may need to dash next door to their laundry room and use the Vision Dryer steam function for a 16 minute freshen and de-wrinkle!

But back to the point.  For this trip, I’m here at the training facility for Thermador. Tomorrow we’re heading out to learn about their new Steam and Convection ovens.

“Defrost, steam, proof, bake, slow cook and reheat…the oven provides unrivaled taste, texture and quality.”

Did you know that Thermador brought us the first built-in wall oven in 1947??

They changed the modern kitchen…who knows, maybe they are about to do it again.

Stay tuned!  I’ll let you know!

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