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Continuing the topic of New Year, New You….

I’m feeling good, are you? Would love to hear how your goals are going!

I’ve managed to get walks with the girls in, some good park time, and a shower each day.  Albeit, the shower is at the end of the day and I go to bed with wet hair and throw it back the next morning.  BUT my hair and I are clean,  I’ve gotten exercise, and I’ve played outside with the girls, so for ALL OF THAT, I feel like I’ve accomplished something for me!

So here is my tip for a New You this week.  I managed to squeeze in a mani/pedi this past week and it was Heaven!  I think it had been more than a few weeks – so I was DEFINITELY in need!  But I’m going to try hard to keep my nails up by myself between the long over due manicures as part of the New Year, New You goal.

I’ve never been good at doing my own nails and I still need a manicure to get my nails “ready” for any kind of polish, but truthfully, I don’t wear polish often.  Too tough with kids that can mess them up before they dry, or driving home with palms only on the steering wheel, only to mess them up as I step out of the car…you know what I’m talking about, and I don’t have time to “wait” for them to dry.  Normally I ask the girls to give my nails a “buff” (Typically this is a man’s manicure, your nails are buffed until they shine so no polish or drying time needed.)  However, I’ve also heard if you buff them this way too often you can weaken your nails – and I don’t need that on top of the rest of the “falling-apart-3-pregnancies-later-body”….So when I was doing my bathroom clean-out and came across a great product that my BRILLIANT mom friend (who brought us the Bandera Clone Cornbread) had told me about, I fell in love with it all over again!

Sally Hansen Instant Nail Finish

I’m not kidding, it dries in SECONDS!  And you have a nice clean matte finish to your nails.  (I would take a picture of my hands, but I can’t bear for anyone to see how horrible they look after pruning 20 rose bushes yesterday….nails are good…hands, not so good).

But here is how tonight went down….

Hubby gave Hayden a bath in her tub, I took Addie in the shower with me.

We all met back in our room to watch “Little Bear” on our bed.

Normally this is quiet, snuggle and enjoy their milk time, but not tonight.

The Littles were having fun jumping and rough housing with Dada, while Mama sat on the SAME BED and painted her nails with Sally Hansen’s Nail Finisher.

When I hit the 10th nail, I put the bottle on the bedside table and joined in the tickling fun with the Littles. My nails were dry by the time #10 was painted.

Point being, it dries in NANOSECONDS!  You can keep it in your purse and paint your nails after you park at the grocery store before getting out of the car, or while you wait for your coffee to brew in the AM.  EASIEST WAY to be and look a little more pulled together than you might actually feel.

Run, do not walk, and pick up a bottle today. 

Start the second week of January feeling like a new woman with your Rodeo Drive nails!!

Happy Monday!

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  1. So funny! I have to tell you a quick story of my nail drama yesterday.
    My intentions for the weekend were to get a mani on Friday evening after I finished work and my hubby got home. But we ended up visiting family so no mani for me. Tried again Saturday. As I was finally walking out the door to run and go to the nail shop after throwing in an appetizer in the oven to bring to our church home group that evening, Julianne (my 6 mo. old) was hungry. The purse goes back on the couch and another nail opportunity gone…
    I had a baby shower to go to Sunday right after church and I was really embarrassed of the chipped nails. I was barely going to have enough time to get to the baby shower once I got home, fed the baby and left again.
    So what did I do? I tried to give myself a quicky paint job thinking being 10 minutes late to the shower wouldn’t matter. Boy! What a mistake!!
    After rushing through the paint job, they looked horrible already. Needless to say, I hit 3 of them before I even got out of the car to the shower. They looked horrible anyway.

    I’ve been in to the dark polishes lately but I’m definitely going to take your advice for the more natural “on the go” look.

    Thanks again for another enlightening post!

  2. OH Jenna!! This post was just in time for you! There are many of us that can relate!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Stopping by from SITS, congrats on your big day, I signed up for email updates!! I can’t wait to check out this product, it sounds fabulous, thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Hi there! Just stopping by from SITS!

    I am going to check our local drug store on the way home to see if I can find this. Sounds perfect for me when I’m on the go and don’t have time to wait for my nails to dry. Thanks!
    .-= Amanda – Small Home Big Start´s last blog ..Lunchtime! =-.

  5. This stuff sounds great! I munged three nails yesterday because it was humid and it was taking forever for them to dry. I’ve already had a vision of painting my nails on the way to church. LOL

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