Chuckling like Santa over Ritual Cleanse!

If you had told me that I would do a detox or cleanse, I would have chuckled louder than Santa Clause on Christmas Eve (with my “bowl full of jelly” post prego belly!). BUT, I’m at the mercy of the fabulous Erica from Knocked-Up Fit to help me get this baby weight off. So to start things off last week, she asked me to do a 3 day cleanse with Ritual Cleanse (Do you hear the “Ho, Ho, Ho-ing!”?!?)

Although I was game, I was also a little nervous….but a quick Google search brought up a 5 star Yelp Review.

I really couldn’t argue with that. So last Monday the 100% organic veggie & fruit drinks arrived and my blinders went up to all other food….

I wont lie and say it was easy. I had been told not to eat candy, or drink alcohol, and  to start eating more veggies a few days prior…..however the few days prior landed on Hub’s birthday weekend and we had a dinner everyday for 3 days already planned. I didn’t have more than 1 glass of wine at each dinner, and I did have dessert at each, but I would not say the weekend was an all out eating fest.

Monday started out normal….

6:00AM Pilates…

Picked up the drinks (they were delivered to the gym as part of a regular delivery)…

Drink #1 = down ~ a green drink that surprisingly tasted amazing! (as green drinks go….)

Drink #2 = down ~  a seasonal Pomegranate combination…one of my favorites and I’m sure would be good with vodka (just sayin’…..)

Drink #3 = down ~  a green drink again, but a little tougher the second time.

Drink #4 = 1/2 way down ~ a very good spicy lemonade that my husband said he would drink everyday….but this is where the day started to get fuzzy for me. I was never able to go further than 1/2 of this drink. I felt as though the most massive stomach flu and hangover had taken over my body. Nothing freaky happening other than feeling bad….but by 5:00 Hubs took over with the kids and I passed out on the sofa for an hour and a half. Definitely feeling better when I woke up, but no more detox drinks that day.

Tuesday was much better though! My head did start to hurt again around 3:00 but I was able to power through and get to #5 (another green drink) and #6 (definitely one of my favorites!!  A cashew drink that I could easily drink in place of dinner, and I’m a foodie. Honestly, if you could buy the drinks separately, I would buy this and drink it everyday for the next 12 weeks!)

(12/20/10 Update ~ Just heard from Ritual Cleanse that you CAN buy the drinks separately starting January 1, 2011!! Definitely do a full cleanse first, but yea for single drinks after!!)

And Wednesday was no problem.  I usually struggled with the #4 and #5 drinks, simply because of the volume I was drinking, but the two things that remained constant:

  1. The drinks all tasted amazing! I couldn’t get over how fresh and real they tasted. With each sip I could pick out the distinct taste of a specific ingredient.
  2. I was NEVER hungry.

Another benefit to this cleanse is being able to still workout. They offer 2 extra drinks called “Shred” and they were my third and fourth favorite drinks. Very tasty! And they allowed me to keep up a workout of sprints and Pilates during the 3 day Cleanse.

I think what I loved about doing the cleanse is the thought that I was truly “Resetting” my body to start this new healthier living and workout plan. For an honest description, it was like having a clogged bathroom drain, pouring down a jug of Liquid Plumber and having the pipes function perfectly after wards. Nothing “gross”  involved. Though I’m pretty sure I’ve drilled home what “potty” means to my 2 little girls that will start potty training the week after Christmas. Between juice drinks, water, and green tea we made the trek to the potty a few times for moms bladder!

NOW the part you all really want to know….

How much weight did I lose doing a detox and drinking nothing but juice? Everyone’s results will be different. I lost 3 lbs.

But the 3lbs weren’t really the most exciting part to me. The big news for me was that with the 3 day cleanse and working out every day, I lost 3 inches from my belly measurement!!!

Let me say that again….




So if you ask me if I would recommend Ritual Cleanse? YES

Would I do it again? YES

Would I do 5 days next time? YES

Would I dread the green drink? YES (But let’s also remember I don’t even love salads….)

But would I look forward to the other drinks? YES

(Am I thankful not to ever worry about detoxing from drugs of any kind? A huge HECK YES!)

It’s expensive but I think the health rewards and benefits are worth it!  Ritual Cleanse is offering readers a 10% discount to get your New Year health off to a good start, and I would definitely recommend! Use promo code “FAVeverything” at checkout. The code is good until January 31, 2011.

Have a great week and drink your veggies and fruits!

18 thoughts on “Chuckling like Santa over Ritual Cleanse!”

  1. Shanna!!! You just provide my hard to buy Hubble his Christmas present. Now I am chuckling like Santa. I won’t be that cruel, his delivery will start in January. Thank you for the code and thank you for sharing. Congrats on your flat tummy. Bikini here you come.

  2. I didn’t think I ever would do one either! I’m honestly so glad that I did…it totally changed how I’m eating now. Thanks for the encouragement!! :-)

  3. I knew I felt less bloated, my watch and wedding ring were both really spinning around, but I had no idea it was 3″!! So worth it for that alone!!

  4. Yea! Hope he likes it!! The drinks are honestly so yummy!! And I dont know if the tummy is flat yet (hardly!) but definitely on it’s way, check back in 11 more weeks and it better be :-) Happy Holidays and good luck with the cleanse!

  5. You can TOTALLY do it! I never thought I would do one, but it has honestly made me feel so much better since completing it. The juices taste really good (the green was tough for me, but it was really good to). You will not pass out at all. I was truly NEVER hungry! I almost couldnt finish everything b/c it was all so filling. AND I worked out the whole time! You can do this I PROMISE!!! New Year, NEW YOU! :-)

  6. I’m a sucker for a good cleanse. This post is right on time for me. I am planning a revamping of my health and body starting Jan. 2nd. I’ll share what kind of results I have later. Thanks much!

  7. My bad, I meant to congratulate you on your success! Bet you are feeling and looking like a new woman already. :-)

  8. I am impressed! couldn’t get thru 2 days on this. then I started to read the press about how these type of cleanses don’t really work. But !!! best wishes.

  9. I agree, it isn’t cheap. And I have never been a “cleanse” person. But 3 years of pregnancy weight from 3 babies made me open to try something different. I did not go into the cleanse for the weight loss, but for the benefit to my body’s system. One of the things the cleanse promotes is helping your body to “reset” itself so that it has the ability to process things better. The analogy is like a clogged drain. So for me the 3 lbs lost was no big deal, but the 3″ lost from my stomach was HUGE and learning how full all those veggies could make me, as well as how my body is processing food afterwards….totally worth it for me. All that being said, each person needs to figure out what works best for them. This definitely helped me with my goals. Thanks for the comment! All the best to you for the New Year!

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