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Wow, every week I think I will be closer to getting my act together, and every week seems like that light is further and further away…thank goodness for Readers.

Do you know what an RSS feed reader is??  I’m probably calling it by the wrong name it’s so new to me.   Sandy Heit first told me about them…and I think I replied with “Yeah, yeah, yeah…but I really like my daily blog subscription emails coming to my in-box so I don’t have to do any work.

Well that thought was good, however I follow a lot of blogs for one reason or another.  That plus the My Favorite Everything emails, along with my personal emails, along with the comment emails, means 100s and 100s of emails that I try to comb through each day.  Not a favorite part of my day as I always feel like I’m letting someone down by not reading a post, not replying in a timely miner to an email, losing emails, etc.  It’s just tough to always feel like your drowning in emails.

So at least on the blog following side, I have moved all of my subscriptions to RSS feed subscriptions. Which means that my Google Reader is notified the moment someone posts something new to their blog.  Typically for me to read all that I want to read, I scan through all of these around 4AM from my iPhone in bed when I’m up feeding Piper her bottle.  I “star” the ones I want to go back to for any reason, but at least I’ve gotten through them.  It also makes it easy if I’m at an appt or waiting in my car since I have the reader app on my phone. One thing that I like in particular is that it lumps all of one blog’s updates in one place so, for instance, I can read ALL of The Pioneer Woman’s posts at one time.

So if you don’t use a reader, I highly suggest it.  Saves you lots of time and it clears out your email in-box a little bit!  (So sorry I didn’t listen to you sooner Sandy!!)

Onto my favorite finds for this week.

I love following Bakerella.  I remember seeing her demonstrate how to make her cupcake pops on Martha Stewart Living (which I don’t watch and for some reason just happened to be on in my house that day – that is the link to the video of that episode).  Martha asked her what she planned to do with her “cute cupcake pop idea” and she said she wasn’t sure, she was just having fun with it.  Do you think she knew her life was about to go crazy from that moment forward??

Anyway, I saw this tutorial on her site this week and thought how fun it would be to do with your kids.  You make your own little pudding bowls with balloons!!  Truthfully, I think you could make these bowls for a lot of different things.  I just love them!!

And not to double promote Bakerella, but when you see a favorite, what do ya do???  She also wrote about a site, Bake it PrettyHELLO!  This is a Heaven of a site!  Check out Bakerella’s post to see all her wonderful finds….I’m trying really hard not to go crazy on Bake it Pretty right now.  Here’s a couple favorites I saw.

This favorite is from The Pioneer Woman who is truly my hero.  When I saw this post, I kind of giggled.  I mean seriously??  A step-by-step for making Cinnamon Toast??

But then I read it…

And I knew she was right (isn’t she always?)

And I HAD to go there.

Simply put. Yum.

You know if it starts like this, it’s going to be GOOD.

And finally, there is a meal plan up for next week.  We’re doing super simple meals in our house right now.  We are so sad to see our amazing friend meals end….mom is now back in the kitchen, SUPER simple stuff sp as not to put me over the edge!

Enjoy your weekend!  Hug your Littles, your Gran-Littles and friends Littles, and check back next week for Laundry and Organization tips!

(All of the above images are from their respective sites.)

7 thoughts on “friday favorites”

  1. I think you just talked me into utilizing my reader more. I know I’m not keeping up with everything, and perhaps that will keep me more organized!

    And Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon toast? YES. I’ll take another.

  2. I’m a pastry chef. (or at least I went to school for it ;) And that’s how you make any chocolate balls, So any fancy restaraunt you go to with chocolate mouse in a tempered chocolate cup well now you know the chef was back there playing with balloons!

    I just have to say that I love butter.
    .-= Anastasia´s last blog ..Excerpt From Baby Manual =-.

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