not your ordinary thursday

As I’ve said before, I’m not really one to say “No”.  I think I’m afraid that if I do, then I might miss out on something really fun or really cool.  Sometimes it’s not easy, but I love the challenge of getting it all to work. So when I was asked if my kitchen might be free, and I replied that there was a hole in my head, a hole in my wall. This is what happened….

Yum Food & Fun Magazine came over to use our house as a back drop for a photo shoot….and I thought it might be entertaining for you to see some of the behind the scenes shots.

On Wednesday night THIS is what I was looking at….(And I’m only showing you a portion of the room).

I think I sent a text to the PR Gals that said,

“Um yeaaaaaah.  You’re coming over. Tomorrow. And taking pictures. Wow. I’m getting a latte.”

And their response might have been,

“LOL. We are really good at hiding stuff.” (They weren’t kidding, for the record!)

The girls of TO Media show up with curtains from one of THEIR OWN Living Rooms and tack them over the hole…(the hole to the never ending project…that has become the bane of my existence…hubs has been working on it in his spare time…since last fall….he doesn’t have a lot of time…thank the world for his diligence and patience).  None the less, these brilliant girls ERASE the hole from view!

Then this DARLING girl, Vonny, shows up, that might as well have been my sweet next door neighbor and plops this beauty of a bag down. Hmmmm, that looks like a pretty helpful little number there.  I’m not even sure I could fill up all those pockets.

Wait!? There’s a matching lunch tote too!  How cute AND handy!!

But then the most wonderful thing happened! The fabulous Wade Williams of PICNIC comes strolling through my door…and not with a stroller I might add, but with a TURKEY!

Those fab TO Media gals then set my table, with my most favorite of dishes, for Thanksgiving dinner!!!  Can you and Chef Wade come back in November??  I would be ever so grateful!

The photographer starts snapping shots and we soon discover we not only went to SMU at the same time, but that he dated one of my roommates!! Small world!  Such a fun, great guy!

(Note the super cute step stool in the background, more later, LOVE the check pattern…)

Now if you were a goat cheese and beat salad waiting for your turn in front of the camera, where would you be waiting??

Yep, next to the water, Clorox wipes and half eaten muffin, me too.

I MIGHT just like brussel sprouts if Chef Wade made them for me…

(How amazing are the orange roses from California Blooms!??)

By the way, this photo WAS NOT staged, that is honestly what was on my kitchen counter.

Which is only because I wasn’t cooking it.

If it had been, you might be looking at tupperware.

Apparently the key to good brussell sprouts is bacon.

Pretty sure bacon is the key to A LOT of good things.  In this case, good THICK bacon!


My kitchen is NEVER this clean, nor does it ever look this good!

And that door?

The one the TO Media gals are writing on?

That’s the one that hides my office.

AKA Laundry Room

AKA the place where they hid EVERYTHING.

Could someone come dig me out, I’m still stuck in here.


My kids haven’t found me yet, maybe wait another day or 2.

See over there by the stove?

That’s another mom.

Not me.

Wrestling with an 18 month old.

Not mine.

Asking her to do something she doesn’t want to.

Hee, hee.

Ohhh behind the scenes times are always fun!

See that painted step stool (the one I mentioned above?)?? So, so, sooo cute!  Might need to add that to Santa’s list for the girls! (The Celebrity list is pretty entertaining too…). Great Christmas gifts for nephews, nieces, gran-littles, etc…

THEN, Chef Wade brings this bad boy out.

Good Boy?

Bad Boy?

OK it was GOOOOOD, because we got to eat this one!

While that “Good Bad Boy” was having it’s photo taken, our little celebrity read stories for a bit.

Photo shoots are all about balance and keeping everything and everyone happy.

This is Vonny, and Chef Wade Williams.  It was a true pleasure to meet them both that day!

And this was the reason for the shoot! Stay tuned for the November Yum Food & Fun Magazine on news stands in October to see what the FABULOUS bag below is, (which I plan to order at least 10 of I think, I’m saving pennies now). TRUST me, if you cook, if you entertain, if you go places, you want one!  And all the yummy food above?  Chef Wade shares the recipes in the October Yum issue so you wont want to miss it!  I’m excited for a new fun magazine to follow!!

(Disclosure: Pretty much nothing to disclose.  Someone asked to borrow my house, they did, and it was fun!  No compensation for any of the above, just a great day with new friends that I thought you might like to hear about.)

8 thoughts on “not your ordinary thursday”

  1. What fun reading for my lunchtime – thank you! I think your kitchen looked beautiful and loved the before and after shots. The before reminds me of my kitchen – I don’t have a hole but I have no floor in my laundry room. My (also busy) husband promises me that tiling will happen this weekend! I’m looking forward to seeing the magazine spread and to hearing more about those bags.


  2. A great day…amazing what can be kept out of an image when we want to isn’t it!! It will be great to see the images in the mag…looking forward to checking out YUM. BUT the point is ..your home is real…and we all relate to that. By the way… love the orange roses!!! cheers kari

  3. I think I’d still be hiding out in the laundry room… if my kids couldn’t find me there – yup! I’d still be there. I’d come out at night when they are asleep and move around but only then. Only for a few days mind you… don;t ask me how many please!


    ps – you have a nice kitchen! I like the chalkboard on the door, it’s a great idea.

  4. From the super busy – hide it all -and make it look pretty gals at TO Media Co — THANK YOU!! Thank you for the kitchen, dining room table, plates, glasswear, napkins, and most importantly thank you for YOUR TIME. As always, you are THE best. XOXO

  5. thanks for the kudo’s on our stepper (step stool) – what a fun day that was! I’m ready for the Thanksgiving holiday now! Love the kitchen and your post about it all :)

  6. So fun reliving it!! Thanks for being such a gracious hostess AS ALWAYS!! Great pics! Look for all the recipes when the issue comes out in October!! YUM!!

  7. What a FUN day!!! And so worth the screaming toddler i had to endure while getting off the 405 and into your neighborhood…Thank you OH so much for guiding me to your house….screeming baby and the garmin talking all at once just was not working for me…

    Tulah was saying “photo shoot” for the whole week following the shoot. When can we come back to

    Thank you so very much for being so gracious. Your home is so beautiful!!!!!! It reminds me of a bed and breakfast in martha’s vineyard my husband and i stayed in for our honeymoon :)

    PS…the casserole totes look GREAT on your dining room table!!!!!!

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