local love ~ did someone say food truck???

HOLY MOLY has it been a bit crazy since we returned from our trip.

Truly, I’m surprised we are all still breathing around here…it feels like we have been running circles inside a tornado.  But I suppose that’s to be expected with most families.  Come on Shanna, get with the program!

It gets me in the gut though when I get so swamped that I can’t post something, like when you have that feeling you’ve forgotten something.  You count all the heads of your kids in your car, you know you brushed your teeth, and put on the correct “day of the week” underwear (OK sorry, as soon as I wrote that line I had to go find a link!!)…..ummmm, what is it that I’ve had no time to do???

So it’s been a few days since I last was able to post, but have I got a fun family event for you OC peeps! Those not in OC, well, frankly, I’m just so sorry I have to rub your nose in this….(no, really, I AM sorry!)

This Saturday is the OC Foodie Fest….are you a foodie???  I surely am!

  • The THOUGHT that the Honda Center is going to have 50 GOURMET FOOD TRUCKS in the same area….SOOOO very exciting!
  • That there will be live bands
  • That Pretend City will be providing a kids area…(with an ice cream truck, bubble pool, sand creations, construction zone, dress up…)
  • That you can get a family 4 pack (2 adults & 2 kids 12 and under for $30 – that’s a 20% savings Pre-sale online only) Love a cheap family date!  Buy online (individual or family packs) and save yourself the hassle at the gate (besides, you would hate to get there and have it sold out!!)

Did I mention 50 GOURMET FOOD TRUCKS????

OK, that’s all great, but what IS the OC Foodie Fest???

“Orange County’s first gourmet food truck event taking place Saturday, August 28th at the Honda Center in Anaheim.  The one-day event will be the ultimate foodie destination, featuring the best in popular mobile eats combined with a unique forum to showcase local entertainment & shopping to help support local charities.” Check out even more info here, like voting for Yelps favorite gourmet food truck, times, and how the event will be contributing back to the community.

Seriously, check this out….

I am SOOOOOOOO there, hope you are too!

(Photo Credit: OC Foodie Fest)

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