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So I may have posted this “teaser photo” on Wednesday, promising a Thursday post….which became impossible to do.  Sow now it is Thursday and by some miracle, I managed to get myself to San Francisco and am tapped into the building next to me for a wireless connection because my hotel room does not have one (what???).  And then I found out my poor mother in law is so very, very sick and instead sent my sister in law to help hubs with the kids while I’m away….did I mention that my sister in law has a 3 month old??  Let’s picture this = 3 months, 7 months, 18 months, 2 1/2 years…….I was a little afraid for her life and and her sanity.  Thankfully an AMAZING friend heard my panicked call and is taking Piper, so now I’m just crossing fingers for my sister in law’s survival with only 3!!

But I promised to get this post out, so it’s 10:25pm on Thursday night and it WILL BE WRITTEN! Here ya go…

Where to even begin??  The Viceroy Palm Springs is wonderful!!  I was invited to join a few other ladies for the new “Mom’s Stay and Play Getaway Package” that the Viceroy is offering. Let me just say now, Heaven!  You will definitely want to take advantage of this!  I was intrigued from the get-go since I love Kelly Wearstler, such a talented designer!  That photo on the cover of the book below? That’s the entry foyer of the Viceroy Palm Springs. Such a great, bright tile pattern!  You see the awesome black, yellow and white pattern repeated throughout the hotel.  It had such a understated glamour feeling to it all, as though you were staying in your best friends beautiful guest house, but you never felt awkward about wearing your shoes inside….

We arrived a little early (I say we, because I was lucky enough to be able to bring another mom friend, my super Latte Fairy friend.  I figured since she is always helping me get through the day showing up with surprise lattes, that this would be a fun way to say thanks!)  A mom’s getaway should always be taken with a friend! We headed off to the pool and I ordered a “Chill Out Limade”.  Seemed fitting to get me in the mood for relaxing after trying to get out of the house that morning (it’s just never easy, no matter how much you try to make it so…)

Then we went for a YUM lunch!  Some delicious hummus, along with a chicken wrap to die for!!  And the fries were pretty darn good…dipped those babies in what tasted like a homemade ranch and enjoyed each little morsel!  (I will also add that you will not see dinner photos as the lighting didn’t cooperate, but dinner was DIVINE! One of the little sides we enjoyed was truffle fries…seriously folks, those are a must, order em up and enjoy!)

Then we were shown to our room.  Couldn’t you just stay awhile? Cool, calm, serene….and no kids in sight (not that I don’t love em, but for 1 night, I’m not gonna lie, it was nice!)  Love that ceiling stripe detail! (Stay tuned for more design photos in future posts.)

Can you tell we like our Halsea bags!?!?

Part of the Mom’s Stay and Play Getaway Package includes a welcome goodie basket – brownies, champagne, magazine??? PERFECT!

Personally, I loved that the Pellegrino bottle had a Missoni designed label…it just seemed fitting…And I think this is the first time I’ve read 3 magazine in sucssesion in about 3 years…

After settling in and feeling quite at home in our room we headed to Citron to enjoy a “Gin & Sin”…oh hello, can I take you home with me??

And we were off to see the property (though it felt more like heading off to see the “grounds” of an old “estate”).  This is one of the one bedroom villa suites.  I just love the decor theme that runs through everywhere!

Every door is painted “Persimmon”.  This leads to a two bedroom villa.  Love a colored door, especially when you’re doing a dark and light theme.

The happy dog!  He greets you on each guests patio and throughout the hotel, love him.

Then it was time to enjoy dinner.  Doesn’t this just take your breath away even in my totally amature photo?? It was the perfect place to unwind at the end of a day.

This is our group.  From the front left, Hollywood Housewife, Don with the Viceroy, Savvy Sassy Moms, Romy Raves, LaJolla Mom, Diego ~ GM of the Viceroy, Tiny Oranges, Me ~ My Favorite Everything, Harrison ~ our fabulous Viceroy server (or servHER!  He made our night!), and  What Would Gwyneth Do.  Seriously, such a fun group of women!!

Dinner set up – but alas, no dinner photos as the lighting wasn’t working with me…but it was a DREAMY dinner!!

Super cool mirror over the outdoor tables.

Can you say, “happy toes”?

Cuz they were.


I just love this little spot.  Perfect for enjoying a morning coffee and catching up on your mags before heading to the pool.

See?  Perfect!

One of the 3 pools.  The yellow and stripe on the chaises – brilliantly fun!  See what I mean, feels like a friend’s pool and not a HUGE resort pool, intimate and comfortable.

Spa time anyone??  I could have stayed at Estrella all day.

The morning yoga class is included in the mom’s package.

Then you could head inside for a little mani & pedi…

But this, this was where my head rested on a pillow for an hour.

And it did not want to get up.

Neither did the rest of me.

And I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE the painted dark walls! (for the record…)

(The package includes a $200 spa credit, so you and a girlfriend can both get a treat!)

But if it was November, you might want to partake in a little outdoor massage lounging….I’m ready!

No, really I am….it’s now 11:25 on Thursday night after a long travel and work day….I’m ready, for real….

After a little morning yoga, we headed back to Citron for breakfast….

Great menu…

Scrumptious french toast (with hidden Nutella)

But this was the winner!  Quite possibly the best breakfast burrito I’ve ever had….those are short ribs folks, DIVINE is all I can say!!

You think this is rain on the pool, but really it’s my tears as we were leaving. Crying I tell you, CRYING!

Mom’s Stay and Play Getaway Package is perfect to share with a friend…..champagne, brownies, 2 cocktails at Citron Bar, $50 breakfast credit, $200 spa credit, valet for 2 cars….they have thought of everything!!  I honestly can’t wait to go back!

(Disclosure: The Viceroy hosted and spoiled us for a night and I am so thankful! This spot is definitely a new favorite and I can’t wait to go back with hubs.  Be sure to check out their specials as they run loads of of different ones.  There’s something for everyone and GREAT deals if you can go out midweek! Enjoy!)

17 thoughts on “viceroy palm springs ~ mom’s day getaway!”

  1. I would say your experience at the Viceroy trumps the downtown SF Mariott by a long shot. Your experience looks amazing. I have always been intrigued by that hotel, in my dreams :) Psyched to spend time with you this weekend. xxoo

  2. AMAZING PHOTOS & GREAT write-up! So great to hang with you and stay and play together! I might have to hijack that great group photo (with photo credit of course!) Now, when are we going back???

  3. Oh Yes! This places looks like heaven. I am in love with the decor. Yellow, White & Black – gorgeous!! Thanks for adding another hotel in PS to my list – although this looks like I need to go with the hubs (or a girlfriend) and leave the kids at home.

  4. Yes, when ARE we going back? Love love love your photos. Amazing. I am definitely headed back to the Viceroy as soon as I can swing it. I actually think I might bring the little one!

  5. Thank you and great meeting you at BlogHer Food! Love your site as well! Congrats on your engagement, maybe we’ll see you in So Cal sometime!

  6. You definitely need to check it out, and while so nice to relax, they do have a family pool if you want to bring the kids…but I’m not gonna lie, it was a nice break without…

  7. Couldn’t have said it better myself! What a fabulous gathering and the perfect swanky spot for the girls to sneak away, loved every moment of it-and of course always a pleasure seeing you! xo Romy

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