{Family Fun} A home for the lake fish

I have to be totally honest. This is not an original idea, but I don’t have a clue where I first saw it now.

You know when you start down the rabbit hole of sites?

When you’re one place and then before you know it you’ve been to a 1000 places?

When you’ve loved 90% of the places the rabbit hole has taken you?

And you’ve been too lazy to bookmark everything along the way?

When you are so lazy that you keep almost everything open as a tab in Firefox thinking you’ll go back and “just save the ones you really want?”

And then you go and make dinner, give the Little Punks a bath, and put them to bed?

And then come back to your computer and find that it’s become so slow that molasses is beating it out of the jar?

And your husband gets frustrated with it all and wonders how you can work like this all day, and poof! All those tabs are closed??

Nope. That has never happened to me. Never.

So if anyone has seen anything like this little project, know that it inspired me!

The Sunday before we were leaving on our trip, Hubs was trying to get a few things done and I needed to occupy the Little Punks but was too lazy to get dressed to take them to the park.

I remembered this little fish tank project (from my vanishing website tabs) and whipped out what I thought we needed and then winged it. I’m sure you can can wing it too:

Paper plates (lucky for me they were blue)
Glue sticks
Orange paper & google eyes – Fish
Brown paper – sand & shells
Green paper & pipe cleaners – Seaweed
Gold glitter pen/paint – because glitter is fun

I told the girls we are making a house for all the fish we were going to see at the lake in Canada. They had a ball!

Addie & Hay were so proud of their projects. Addie named her fish “Tanzania”. I’m still laughing over that!  Piper, well, she colored and then she ate crayons. She’s not quite at the art project stage yet.

This could be fun for so many little trips.  Love a good simple art project!


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