{family fun} favorite bag for traveling (& giveaway!)

{This giveaway is now closed. Winner was notified via email. Congrats #38 Kelly S.!}

It’s no secret that I love Halsea. The clutches, the tote bags, the luggage….well, pretty much anything Halsea makes me happy.

Why do I love it so, you ask?

Because it WORKS.

Because it DOES what it’s SUPPOSED to do.

Because it LOOKS GOOD doing it.

Again, because it WORKS!

Here’s an example.  I’ve had this rolling duffel for a few years now. It used to be the suitcase I used just for me, then me & Addie, then me & Addie & Hayden.

When Piper came along, mom got booted. But it works ooooh so nicely for my 3 Little Punks (which means when we’re all flying on a plane and allowed 1 checked bag per paid ticket and 1 for the lap baby, that ALL the girls clothes are in this 1 bag leaving me 2 open checked bag spots for anything my heart desires to make our trip easier.)

But I digress.

This Halsea bag is a winner, beyond a winner actually. Quite simply, it rocks.

Here goes…I lay out Piper’s clothes.

Then Hayden’s clothes….

Then Addie’s clothes…(and yes I use my bed for all our packing).

Then I open up this fabulous bag (it’s like an old school doctors’ bag) with this nice big space with 4 great inside pockets, and 2 outside ones.

Shoes, hair clips/brushes, undies, & socks all go in the inside pockets.  Then I fold everything up and line it up so I can see it all.  When we arrive at our destination, I rarely unpack their bag, instead just taking a quick glance and pulling what I need when I need it. (Albeit, this isn’t one of my better folding jobs, I knew we would be gone a month and would unpack this time when we arrived….but I’m sharing the photo none the less.)  What you can’t tell is that there is actually even more room on top of these clothes, so there were 3 little puffer vests that I rolled and placed on top before closing up the bag.

Then I grab my most favorite clutch/wallet/date night bag

And throw it in my tote bag (carry on in this case).

This is what it would look like if i was headed to the pool. I forgot to snap a photo before our flight…but think snacks, empty sippy cups to fill after security, iPad, laptop, kids earphones, diapers…there are 6 fabulous pockets to choose from and keep  you organized with a nice giant space in the middle of it all.

Now I’m not quite this good, but I’m sure I’ll get here one day. Even though Halsea has so many fun patterns to choose from, if you wanted to keep it all together you could take this direction…kind if makes my heart skip a giddy beat!

AND there’s another reason it’s skipping a beat. Halsea is giving away a fabulous clutch in the winners pattern of choice! I use my clutch EVERY SINGLE DAY. It goes from “diaper bag” to “work bag” to “on its own for date night” without a hitch. LOVE.THIS.BAG.

Who am I kidding, I love all their bags! (Be sure to click on “Collections” on the Halsea site to see the different patterns.

So here’s what you can do to win this little gem of a bag:

1. Mandatory (1 entry) ~ Visit the Halsea site and comment below with the bag you most dream about.

2. Optional (1 entry for each comment) ~ Comment below with your favorite Halsea pattern. Share your favorite packing tip. Share a link to this post. Share anything Halsea or travel related. You can leave 3 extra optional entries :-)

Giveaway ends Friday, October 21st at midnight, PST. Winner will be notified by email.

Good luck!!

{Disclosure ~ Halsea is a My Favorite Everything sponsor. But these are my honest opinions. I have loved and owned and used their bags LONG before this site came to be.}

136 thoughts on “{family fun} favorite bag for traveling (& giveaway!)”

  1. I’m dreaming of the crab rolling suitcase. I can pack me +2 kids in a rolling bag. My trick is no extra shoes and rolling up all our clothes.

  2. I’ve admired her products for years and am drooling at the chance to win something!!! The large tote bag in the little harbor collection would make me smile from ear to ear!

  3. A packing tip I have is to throw some empty plastic grocery bags into your suitcase. When packing up to go back home, place all the dirty clothes in the bags keeping them separate from any other clean clothes still left in the suitcase.

  4. My best packing tip is to use the inside of your shoes for storage! I usually store jewelry, undies and socks in my shoes!

  5. I LOVE Halsea. I wonder if I should start carrying the totes at the store? Thoughts?? I use their tote daily, but I dream about the roller bag. My hubby travels for work and has destroyed our carry on, I “need” my own stylish carry on bag. In Kelp:)

  6. My packing tip is to make sure you pack an extra pair of underwear in your carry-on!! If your luggage is lost at least you will have clean underwear the next day! :)

  7. Travel related … I went to Italy this year for the first time!! I would have loved to have one of these bags to carry all my stuff in!!

  8. Packing tip…my husband would laugh because I am the worst so my tip is that I either FedEx a bag of stuff or order some items from Diapers.com to arrive before I do if I’m visiting family. What can I say, I am not a practical girl and I think I need it all.

  9. I LOVE the Little Harbor collection! The roller would be perfect for travel. I’ve never seen these bags before and I have fallen in love.

  10. The Large Tote and The Weekender are getting me so excited! My heart is happy yo have found these!

  11. The Little Harbor collection in Kelp is so crisp and put together…something I dream of being.

  12. Packing tip: It helps to have the right tools. My trips are so much more organized and simple when I have the proper place for everything. For me, that means a trip to the Container Store for travel goodies.

  13. I am in love with the ROLLER DUFFLE in Kelp. It would perfect for my trips with my daughter to see my bff in Charlotte NC!

  14. Roll your clothes instead of folding them. Gives you much more room and when you arrive you will have fewer wrinkles.

  15. Yup I’m an idiot…Should have finished reading the rules…this has already ended…boooohhoooo I wanted a bag so badly! Love the blog anyways.

  16. i love pink print or the green..ok i’d love any of them! Beautiful , simple, and very styleish. I have NO sense of style. I am plain jane and not the cute one either. i typically use a fossil bag if i can afford one at the time. I’m still using my summer purse..lol Oh well one day i’ll be able to get a cute bag.. maybe I’ll ask santa?

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