{family fun} halloween fun!

I have an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G baby sister (can I say “baby” sister when we are in our 30s??)

Anywhoo, she is.  I could go on for days as to why I think she is one of the best and most talented human beings on this planet.

For now, I’m just going to point you to her Pinterest page (hair, fashion, design, party ideas, food, etc). Have you heard of Pinterest??  Oh you really must join! (It would take up this whole post right now if I told you about how awesome it is, so I’ll save that. But trust me, you will love it!) Fabulous way to save and organize images and links and “see” it all in a way that visual people ~ like me ~ NEED to see things, on “boards”.

As I was scanning through a few Pinterest boards this weekend, I discovered my very own baby sister’s Halloween boards….soooo many fabulous and awesome ideas for Halloween. Great collection of recipes, decorating, etc.  Lots of scary, crazy, fun stuff!

There are too may favorite ideas to share them all, so be sure to check it out, and get in inspired. I’m hoping the links above will allow you to see things, even if you’re not on Pinterest. But you’ll have to let me know…

If you can’t see it, then this is the post of Halloween ideas I wrote about last Halloween. I really loved this round up! Hopefully it can inspire you too….

(Image Source: Amy Atlas)

Another fun thing I did with the kids last year, that I’ve started to replicate at almost every holiday in some way shape or form, is decorating one giant cookie.  You can go the Martha route and make your own cookie dough, but I find with the Littles so young (3 and under) that their patience only lasts so long. I normally keep a few bags of the Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix in the pantry.  Then because I can NEVER get cookie shapes to look like they are supposed to, I bake 1 big cookie in a tart pan.

A tart pan you ask?

Why yes, actually.

You see you can spread the dough out to fill the pan (the Littles can help too). Then when it’s done baking, you just pop it out. No mess, no fuss. I normally cut it like a pie and give each Little her own triangles to decorate. Always a hit.

For Halloween we went the spider web scary route.  At Christmas we made them into trees…Valentines Day they were hearts…and I think I’ll attempt turkeys this year. I’ll have to let you know how that goes.

OK, few more ideas for you…..I love Amanda from Kevin & Amanda. Not only is she the sweetest person in real life, but her posts are always fun to read, have fabulous photographs, and yummy recipes.  Check out these fun Halloween macaroons! Love the decorating!

(Image Source: Kevin & Amanda)

And lastly, I just have to put this up there because it spooked the crud out of me!  Anyone ever seen a Barbie Zombie Graveyard???  I know my baby sister will be all over this one when she sees it….freaks.me.out!

(Image Source: This Mama Makes Stuff)

Update: I had to add this fabulous photo this morning after my post was already published. But I saw it on Design Mom, and she found it on Pinterest (See! Told ya Pinterest is fabulous!) I think I would want to keep these pumpkins out all year long! Looks like the idea and photos came from this fun mom’s blog originally.

How about you? Any favorite design ideas?  Feel free to leave links or ideas in the comments!

Happy Halloween Weekend Friends!

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