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I’m amazed at how great kids games are these days. I remember spending road trips getting to play Donkey Kong Jr for hours, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t teach me anything other then jumping over a barrel. But NOW, my 2 year old can put puzzles together. My 1 year learns words on flash cards, and my 3 year is taking care of a fish tank.  They do a lot more than all that of course, but those things alone just boggle my mind!

So I thought I would share a few favorites. My Genius Sister-in-Law turned me onto Monkey Preschool Lunchbox almost a year ago. We have a Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, iPhone App and a Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, iPad App. For some reason, I think I only bought the iPhone App and it let me update the version for my iPad, but I could be wrong. It’s been a while….Also depending on how you are set up (all of our devices are under one account so any phone we use – mine, Hubs, the Littles) can use the same App without an additional fee.

What I do know is the Little’s LOVE it!!  Hayden started putting puzzles together on it when she was 2 years old!  And Addie, at a new 3 years was playing the matching game like no one’s business!

This little monkey dances you through each short game. This one is like the old memory game as they touch each card to flip it over, and match up the fruit cards.

Then they touch the fruit that starts with the “G”.

Touch the “Red Diamond”.

And when they have completed a few games, they get to pick a sticker and drag it onto their board.

Now touch all the green fruit.

And put the fruit back together. The first time Hay did this my jaw dropped. Kid you not, she was just over 2 years old and she dragged each piece exactly where it belonged!

Like so!

Our whole family loves this game. Super simple for kids to figure out, engaging, educational, and fun. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox is a favorite for sure!!

Would love to know what Apps have become favorites in your family??

{Disclosure: The Apple App store doesn’t know me, but my kids know what Apps they like, and we want to share our faves with you!}

2 thoughts on “{family fun} monkey preschool ~ fave kids apps”

  1. My kids LOVE this one too! This is definitely one of the best apps we’ve found for the 2-4 age range.
    I’d be keen to learn other really great apps for this age group; a lot of them are pretty lame or unintuitive.

  2. I will have to check this one out. My daughter is 2 and just loves the “talking tom” app on my husband’s droid. Not sure it teaches her anything, but she thinks it’s hilarious. You say something to the kitty and he repeats it back in a high pitched silly voice which causes laughter…which then the kitty laughs and she laughs and it goes on and on. Whenever I need to trim her bangs or distract her in any way I pull out talking tom. Major lifesaver sometimes.

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