{Family Fun} Saturday Chores

Weekend chores. No one really wants to do them, but they don’t ever go away until they get done, so I guess it’s better to just button up and do em.

And really, some chores can be a whole lot more fun than others.

Take washing the outdoor cushions??  The super dirty, never gonna.get.em.totally.clean.before.company.comes.over.the.next.day.cushions.

While the Little Punks and I were giving all their outdoor sandbox toys a bath in a big kiddie pool on the lawn, Hubs had the brilliant idea of also washing these cushions.  And somehow doing chores never seems quite as bad as when you’re doing them all together.

I think it’s good to teach kids that this whole chore thing takes team work.

It kinda helps teach responsibility.

And you are never too young to chip in. Hay and Addie are GREAT car washers!!

Besides, you know your sisters will always “have your back”.

And you might even be able to do a little washing yourself…then skip your bath that night (kinda)…

Weekend chores really don’t have to be all that bad!  At least I don’t think these Little Punks are too upset about them…

Do your kids help out with the weekend chores?

3 thoughts on “{Family Fun} Saturday Chores”

  1. What hard workers you have! We recently did the car wash thing with some friends and it turned out to be a lot of fun, especially with this crazy heat we’ve been having.

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