{family fun} wall of happiness

Remember when I said we were going to be out of town for a month?

And when I mentioned needing to gather art supplies and a little bit of paint?


You put all that together with 3 Little Punks and you have A LOT of art to work with!

But what’s a lake house wall for, if not to display a little happiness??

Or A LOT of happiness?

You know….you NEED to have a wall that you can remember when you’re not there the other 11 months out of the year.

Something you can get excited about visiting again next summer.

The tie-dyed turtle will be waiting for you….

So will your rainbow.

And your 5 year old summer crush. {Who is “sooooo cool Mommy!”}

Your abstract.

And your sisters.

And your mom & dad :-)

And we can’t wait to visit all that happiness again next year too!  Next time you’re wondering what to do with it all…just hang it up and smile at all the amazing memories you’ve made :-)

2 thoughts on “{family fun} wall of happiness”

  1. I have my little sister like this one too. I found it sooo messy at first but then when I see the pictures I am proud of them they have this artistic hand that can draw.

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