Sippy Cup Line Up

This is our line up in the morning.

Mom “Big Cup”, Piper “Handle Cup”, Hayden “Pink Cup”, and Addie “Purple Cup”.

Why is all this important? Well since it’s helpful to me, I thought it might be helpful to you too.

Addie and Hayden both spend a few hours each week at daycare. We LOVE our daycare (I’m going to say “our” because it really does feel like our own family.) When the girls get there in the morning, the first thing they see is the line up of sippy cups. These are not fancy cups, they do not have bells and whistles, they are just sippy cups. But each cup is a different color or style, and it has each child’s name written with a Sharpie on top. Each child knows HIS/ HER cup and takes care and charge of it all day.

BRILLIANT. Why have I not been doing this???

So of course, I adopted the idea.

A few sippy cup thoughts (in case you wanted to know):

  1. Find a sippy you like, stick with it and only it ~ After loads of sippy cup “research” (read this as “have tried more than I would like to admit”) we pretty much exclusively use the Playtex Sippies. Not to say there aren’t other great ones, but these work for us because the parts are all interchangeble and they don’t leak. We have 2 with straws for “morning shakes”, pink for Hayden, purple for Addie, and handled ones for Piper. I think I have about 4 for each girl. Sticking with one brand makes it much EASIER and FASTER for us.
  2. Assemble your sippy cups as they come out of the dishwasher ~ I’m spoiled, I know. Dont kill me when I say, my husband is in charge of the dishes. (I’m ducking from the rocks right now….). When he unloads the dishes each morning, he puts the sippy cups back together before putting them away. By using all the same brand of cups, he can do this pretty easily, and having them assembled makes my morning 3 times faster as I’m not scrambling for parts.
  3. Let your kids help you fill the cups ~ I’ve definitely found there are less battles in our house when the Littles get to be a part of what you’re doing. The girls LOVE helping me fill all the cups in the morning ~ meaning they each hand them to me to put under the filtered water. Just pick a task that works for your Littles age.
  4. Pick one color for each child ~ Trust me, when they go to Grandmas, they will still drink out of a blue cup even if their one at home is green. Having their own color has been AWESOME. The girls love “their” cup and really do take responsibilty for it. If one girl is missing her cup, the other is quick to help find it.  A bonus is “learning to be helpful” and using “team work” to find one that’s missing.
  5. By having their own cups, it stops them from “sharing”~ I normally couldn’t care less if they drank from each other’s cups, but in trying to manage the “snot party”, this is helpful. Just sayin’….
  6. Helpful for potty training ~ By having their own colors, I can easily see how much each girl has had to drink, which in turn helps me with gaging the need for potty breaks. HELPFUL believe me.
  7. They are never too young for a sippy ~ Piper doesn’t have a color, her cups are just with handles. This helps with teething, getting her used to drinking from sippy cups, and helping her stay occupied. Pretty sure she could play with her cup for hours.  As a note, check with your doctor as to when he/she wants your babe to start drinking water. I think all of ours did around 7 or 8 months, but it’s a bit of a blur for me. However, almost from the day the Dr has said “Go!” to water, we’ve put it in a sippy (bottles too, but often in sippies). I’ve just always felt it can’t hurt them, it helps with hand and eye coordination, and they get to feel like a big kid. Loads of wins going on here.

Now, if you want to know about Mom’s Sippy Cup…it does not have Vodka in it like many would assume. Tempting, but no. It’s just water, but I LOVE my “sippy cup”. I have 2, got em from Amazon, and can’t live without them…

  1. It doesn’t sweat (not sure how this happens as it’s not insulated…)
  2. The “spout” does not pour water allover your face.
  3. It has a top that  you can lock.
  4. There’s is a hook if you need to attach to anything.
  5. If you are Type A and want to know how much water you’ve had, you can turn the dial on the side to keep track.

I love mine and use it everyday. It’s been a HUGE help with Getting Mama’s Groove Back!

Now go fill your sippy cups!

10 thoughts on “Sippy Cup Line Up”

  1. i love playtex sippys too! and have done “more research than i care to admit” as well! love the idea of one color for each kid. my second is just starting sippys and i think my daughter who is at the “that’s mine’ stage would like it too!

  2. Thanks for the tip with your water bottle…love that I can keep track of the amount of water with it. Will be picking a couple up at Target!! :)

  3. cant’ remember the comedian who said that we must be the most dehydrated people in history, from all of the canteens we carry with us.

    between water bottles and coffee mugs, we must have 150 gallons worth of liquid storage in our home.


  4. We use all Playtex sippies as well… the definitely leak the least (although they do still leak). And, it’s time to start introducing Miss Scarlett to her first cup this week!

  5. Agreed! Ours really dont leak, maybe 2% of the time, and it’s more from Piper spitting the water back out than the cup itself. They just really have been the best for us! Good luck with #3!

  6. The one color has been a lifesaver! You can buy the 2 packs that often have the lids mix-matched. I just change them to match the cup. Best thing I ever did! Good luck to you!

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