Where I’ve been the last few weeks…

Really, to have spent the better part of the New Year in snot and poop has been fun.

No really, it’s been fun. Why don’t you believe me?!?

Real fun.

Not exactly the way I pictured starting off 2011, BUT none the less, it’s been our life. I do believe we are coming out of it though, which means I can finally get back to a regular post schedule and my Littles can go back to dancing, laughing and general happiness!

This is where I’ve been the last few weeks…

1. Snot Party…Wish I had not been invited, but apparently they needed me.

2. Thinking we were in the clear again, I went to a strength class (aptly name “Super Mom”) at Studio Seaside, only to look over at Addie 45 minutes into the class, screaming from the yoga mat she had been sleeping on. After quickly loading all 3 girls into the car, driving home, and getting everyone inside the house…Addie tossed a few (a lot of) cookies down my back. Joy.

3. Addie starts Virus #2.

4. Herculean efforts are made to keep Piper and Hayden healthy.

5. Addie has 2 days of no fever. We attempt Daycare again….only to have them call at the end of the day that she is holding her ear and screaming. Pack everyone up and Mario Andretti to pick her up. Dr calls in perscription that we pick up on the way home. (Did I mention this is also the first time in 2 years that Hubs has attempted to get back to the gym and I had given him a hall pass to do so??? Fun.)

6. Hayden gets hit with Virus #2. Piper still in the clear. Addie on the mend.

7. Up from 2:30a – 5:30a, no chance to put my head on a pillow, helping kids with fevers all night. Leave for pilates at 5:50a…arrive late but still make it! Pretty sure I slept through first half!

8. Hayden wakes up from a nap with a tomato face. Hubs leaves work to take her to the Dr. Double ear (horrible!) infection, pink eye, and “Slap Cheek” virus (hence tomato face).

9. Disinfect every surface in the house. Futile effort I’m sure, but it made me feel better.

10.Have only missed 2 workouts in 3 weeks…pretty sure they are what’s keeping me sane. And thank goodness because next Monday is another photo update for Getting Mama’s Groove Back. Yikes!

Dare I say that today, Monday, February 5th that ALL three girls slept well last night and are healthy???  I’m afraid to actually say that out loud….Keep your fingers crossed we all stay healthy!!

Looking forward to posting again!

Yours Truly

7 thoughts on “Where I’ve been the last few weeks…”

  1. Hello and thank you so much for being real. I am not a usual “blog” follower and just came accross yours and you have made me feel so incredibly normal! I have two kids sick and home for 2 weeks (off and on) and am having my own back issues…Thanks again…for making me realize…my life is just as it should be! :)

  2. I hear you! I too have been since since New Years Day and it went on for two weeks and now I’m just getting over a cold. I had a kidney infection and stones to boot.

    I hope everyone feels better. This flu bug/cold going around is a tough one!

  3. It sure has not been fun, there are so many things that could be worse! I read the post on Maddie and my heart broke :-( I can take a few colds over a terminal illness ANY day!!!

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