Ella’s has a new fan!

Really. Food in a squeezable tube. It’s just sheer genius. And Miss Pipes, well she is 11 months going on 16 years old…”Little Miss Independent”, I can do things my OWN SELF! Thank you very much!

Needless to say, I’m thankful for Ella’s. I was introduced to them last year and they have been a favorite ever since. I love that they are organic, that they mix veggies and fruit, that they are easy to pack in daycare lunches, and my diaper bag or purse, and that you can get select flavors at Target and Mothers now too, and oh yeah…..and that my Littles LOVE them! Piper being the newest fan!!

Most of the squeezable tubes say 4 months+, but really there is nothing in them that a 3 year old, let alone an adult, can’t have. The novelty of being able to squeeze it into your mouth makes it attractive for all ages! All 3 of my girls eat them regularly.

Piper really doesn’t want to put it down.

Man I love those eyes!

And that little grin…

And those little hands…

…the little hands that are learning to put her own food, in her own mouth. Thank you Ella’s for giving me such a wonderful and easy snack for my Littles!

8 thoughts on “Ella’s has a new fan!”

  1. We’ve tried variations of these from Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Target, etc. They are great because my 2 year old loves them as much as my 7 month old. Plus, some of them are tricky and sneak some veggies in with the fruit (spinach mango anyone?)

    We are on vacation this week and it was a lifesaver to have something they would both eat on the plane – plus some of the packages are labeled “baby food” so they weren’t subject to such strict TSA guidelines – score!

  2. We love them too! Don’t use the same brand but doesn’t matter – still yummy and a great way to get the veggies into my 2 year olds picky little mouth!

  3. SOOO true! And I didn’t even think of the TSA guidelines!! I’m so used to carrying on baby food, formula and snacks, that it didn’t even occur to me that they could say no to these…great reminder for the older than baby crowd :-)

  4. We love these too! And the Plum’s version. A teething tip…pop these babies into the fridge before serving and they feel extra good on those back molars. Saving my life right now with my 18 month old! Yeah Ella’s!

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