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Contrary to what you all may think, I am not a very good natural cook. And by “natural” , I mean “instinctive” ~ My Genious Sister-in-Law (yes!), my mom (yes!), my dad (yes!), my baby sister (yes!)

….me (no!!!!)

But I follow directions REALLY well. (Well, that is, when I WANT to follow directions). So that being said, I read cookbooks like they are fiction.  It wouldn’t be weird to see a few stacked up next to my bed. (Wait..is that weird!?!? Forget I said that…)

So I thought I might share a few cookbooks that are go-to books for me.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks ~ I don’t need to say much about this book. Every darn recipe is practical and good and crowd pleasing. If Hubs asks whats for dinner and I say “Something from The Pioneer Woman”, his response is simply “Yum”. There is no “but WHAT are you making”. He just knows that if it comes out of that book, we will all love it. I’ve been following Ree’s blog as she finishes photographing and writing her second book.  Can.not.wait.for.it.to.come.out! This is the only cookbook that I don’t “test” a recipe before serving to company.

The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook ~ We love Chinese food in our house. We could probably alternate between Chinese take out and pizza every other night.  So I loved when I found Jaden’s book.  Pretty sure we make her coconut rice, and her fried rice once a week. Each and every time I try a new recipe from it, Hubs asks if I picked up take-out (which he is asking in a good way as he can’t believe we can make it so yummy from home). Jaden is great at simplifying recipes. And she shows you that with keeping a few (pretty normal) Asian ingredients in your pantry, that so many things are a cinch to make (and with loads of flavor!)

Perfect One-Dish Dinners ~ I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Pam and her daughters, and love them all for many reasons, but most especially for how real they all are. (As if people aren’t real, lame reason Shanna). But you get what I mean, right? Pam’s book shows you how to entertain friends, or just get a really nice dinner on the table without killing yourself in the process. Her Chicken Pot Pie is on our menu this week. We tried her Creamy Lasagna last night, and her Spicy Coconut Shrimp and Tuna Rice Crackers are up later this week.  Another bonus? Pam gives you options. If your short on time or ingredients, she gives you an alternate. Love that in a friend.

I’ll share a few more favorite books next week, but would also love to hear what works well for your family. Do you mostly search online for recipes (I do this too). Or are you a cookbook reader like me? Any favorites?

{Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to Amazon, which just happens to be where I bought all these books too :-) I’m a happy Amazon shopper ~ far happier than my husband likes actually…let’s not share this post with him. Thx!}

6 thoughts on “{good eats} few favorite cookbooks”

  1. OH MY GOSH!!! i always thought something was wrong with me because my mom and twin sister are instinctive cooks too… they can just open the cupboards and make something out of what i think is nothing!!! and i must follow directions to make something turn out good… it’s not fair!!! hahaha..

    can you say just a little bitter?? i’m so gonna try that pioneer woman cookbook!! if you don’t have to try it out… sounds like a great one!!! thanks so much for the tip!!!

  2. I really love cooking.. This is looks so awesome to try! Thanks for the post! Hope this is available in our bookstore..

  3. I read cookbooks like fiction too! My husband thinks this is so weird, but somehow it is so relaxing. I am going to try the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook. Is this the woman who has her own tv show now? Anyway, check out the Family Chef by Jewels and Jill Elmore. We love all of their recipes. Their lettuce wraps rock, thai beef salad is incredible, soups are a freezer staple, and even the kids love their simple sauteed black kale recipe. Also love the blog Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. Her oatmeal pancake recipe is delicious, healthy, and because you can make a big batch of dry mix and keep it in the freezer, it is such a time saver. http://www.melskitchencafe.com/2009/09/oatmeal-pancake-mix.html

  4. I am so glad that you shared this to us! I am so interested on learning some more ingredients.. Thanks you so much!

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