{Good Eats} Oh the ice cream goodness of it all!

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(Photo Credit: Dine & Dish)

Have you all heard of eCreamery??  I had not until I read a post on Dine & Dish for Buttered Caramel ice cream. And another post (and fab photo!) of the Cocoa Bean flavoring.  I didn’t even need to get to the second post, I immediately went to  eCreamery and ordered the Buttered Caramel to try it for myself. People YOU NEED TO ORDER THIS!!

{For the record, eCreamery has no idea who I am. Just a simple customer in love with their product, and ready to shout it to the world!}

I love to make ice cream with the girls. We always follow simple recipes that can be prepared in about 5 minutes flat, then into the ice cream maker it goes for 25 minutes.  The “good news” for us, is all the treats we add into the ice cream in those last 5 minutes.

OH. MY. WOW. The Buttered Caramel flavoring is out of this world!  We’ve made it 3 times now. The first time we followed their Superbly Simple Ice Cream Recipe, then added chopped Twix Bars. The second time, we added a sleeve or Oreos. And the third time ~ the award winner, gonna die from the yumminess….a sleeve of Oreos and the leftover buttercream from our cupcakes.

Die, I tell ya from the goodness of it all!!

I have yet to try the other 2 flavors but “I. Will. Find. Out” (name that movie???) because ice cream will never be the same. The flavoring added a wonderful depth to the ice cream, and I don’t know whether it’s something in the flavoring itself, or just the combination of the cream, half & half, flavoring and salt, but the texture was so smooth and perfectly out of this world, delicious.

Piper was kind of a fan. As in, couldn’t get enough of it all. And this was just the first time we made it…

Seriously, you need to try it!

In fact, I really, really think you need to try it. I don’t exactly have a giveaway budget, in fact I don’t have one at all.  But I’ll give up a few lattes to send a lucky person a flavoring of their choice.  Just comment below and let me know which one you want to try. Giveaway closes at midnight, PST Monday July 25th.

Now you must excuse me while Pipe and I go polish off a pint…or four.

{Giveaway totally sponsored by me and the insane person I will be next week as I refrain from buying lattes…..}

16 thoughts on “{Good Eats} Oh the ice cream goodness of it all!”

  1. YAY! This is that amazingly fantastic ice cream you served for dessert the other night. I’ve been dreaming about that buttered caramel. I love how you sandwiched it in the chocolate wafers, but I would eat it any old way. …Must Have More of Shanna’s Caramel Ice Cream…

  2. After your awesome review I would have to go with the buttered caramel too! Yummy to my tummy.

  3. I would like to try anyone you would send. I make ice cream all the time always looking for great new ways to make it. I have never heard of this but sounds wonderful!!

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