I big puffy heart Cafe du Monde!

Have you ever been to New Orleans?? If you have not, get your backside down there for a little Spring trip. Spring is so beautiful there!

I have a wonderful college friend that has included me in so many fun New Orleans adventures…and Cafe du Monde is ALWAYS a part of all of those adventures! There is really nothing like a hot cafe au lait with an even hotter fresh beignets topped with sweet powdered sugar!!!  Oh man, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

However, I do not get as many chances in the ole calendar to get down to Louisiana now as I used to (*sigh with sadness*). Thankfully for me, Cafe du Monde will ship both their coffee and beignet mix to you!  When I first moved home from Texas I had a regular order of their coffee shipped my way….was ever so thankful for those boxes on my doorstep.

And then one day I happened on the mix at a Cost Plus World Market. Really!?? REALLY! And I’ve been buying it there ever since.

(Image: Cafe du Monde)

They really are beyond easy to make.  Start to finish, MAYBE 20 minutes.

For some reason last week I pulled out a heart cookie cutter rather than making the little beignet squares….and who knew….they turned into BIG PUFFY HEARTS when I fried them up! The kids had a big kick out of this. We’ve been testing differnet shapes and so far hearts and flowers are still our favorites.

Give it a shot, I think they will become a Big Puffy Heart Favorite!

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