{good eats} easy donut holes for monsters

Do you have little monsters in your house?  I do. I mean they are cute little monsters. but MAN those fangs can really come out when they want a donut!!

Now I’m not going to say that we eat a lot of donuts in our house (maybe a few) and I’m not going to admit that we have a drive-thru donut shop down the street (we frequently visit) or that the girls have particular donuts they MUST have (purple sprinkles/white frosting, pink sprinkles/white frosting, sprinkled donut holes). Nope, not going to admit any of that.

But what I will admit to is being lazy on Halloween morning….

And the kids wanted donuts…but even with the imminent threat of fangs, I really didn’t feel like driving anywhere.

Lazy. Just plane LAZY.

But I did have a few cans of Pillsbury’s little biscuits in the fridge. (Hubs likes Little Smokies wrapped in biscuits for football watching Sundays.) So I figured I could work out something so my laziness didn’t have to drive anywhere.

1. Crack open a can of those 10 little biscuits

2. Cut them in half.

3. Bake them until just golden (maybe 6 minutes).

4. Dunk each in melted butter.

5. Then roll them in a mixture of white sugar, brown sugar, and cinnamon. No idea how much of each I used. I just poured a little of it all in a bowl and stirred.

6. Stack em up on a plate and you’re whole family will be happy. In fact, you’ll come out looking like Martha, rather than the lazy person you, I started out as that morning!


(BTW – this made more than we could eat, I froze them in a Ziplock and have been pulling out a couple at a time as needed. LOVE having them ready to go ~ rather than heading to the donut store….just sayin’)

Yep, I’m lazy.

8 thoughts on “{good eats} easy donut holes for monsters”

  1. Love that idea. Never would have crossed my mind. So clever. We are big donut people over here. We have donut Friday on the way to school each week. My little guy is always asking “is it donut day?” A drive thru place would be sooooo great though. Lucky girl!

  2. We do this too, but cut the biscuits into quarters and quickly fry in canola oil. Then sprinkle or drizzle to your heart’s content :)
    Thanks for sharing the idea on baking!

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