{good eats} general tso’s chicken (yum!!)

Let’s just be clear that I’m not a full time food blogger, nor even a part time food blogger,¬† nor even an occasional food blogger, BUT, I do love food and I do like to find new fabulous¬† simple recipes!

However, this is not a place you will ever see perfect food styling or amazing step by step photos, because frankly, my kids wont let me. And I’m lazy (as well as lucky just to get dinner on the table at night – and not in the middle of the day when the light is better…)

But share an AWESOME.AMAZING.YOU-WILL-LOVE-IT-FOREVER recipe? That I can do!

I found this recipe for General Tso’s Chicken on The Tasty Kitchen blog. One of my favorite food bloggers, How Sweet It Is shared the recipe from contributor Rebecca and OH MY GOODNESS, what a FIND!

It was super simple to make. I used chicken breast (because I had it) and served it with fried rice and edamame because that’s what our Littles love, but really any way you want to serve this, as long as it’s on your plate, you are golden! Most certainly a FAVORITE!

Make this this week! Here’s a link to the recipe.


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