{good eats} how do you butter your corn?

I love this tip!  It’s one of those that you think, HOW have I never thought of this before??

So how many of you butter your corn before wrapping it in foil for the grill?  Or Maybe you butter your corn after (when it’s super HOT, and you can barely lay a finger on it).  I

‘m sure that most of you do all this the old fashioned, “family style”, way with a butter dish on the table and to each, their own….

BUT, if you are part of the crowd that pre-butters, as in the first example, foil + grilling, then this little trick is for you.

My brother-in-law, “Master of the Grill”, shared this one with me a few weekends ago…

STEP 1: Spread softened butter on a piece of bread…

STEP 2: Coat your corn from end to end….

STEP 3: Place corn on a piece of foil.

STEP 4: Add desired seasonings (salt, seasoned salt, fresh herbs, etc)

STEP 5: Wrap up, and close the foil around the corn.

STEP 6: Grill.

Honestly brilliant. This may just be how I do our corn forever and ever. I think it would be a great way to get kids involved and helping with dinner too!

Enjoy!  (We sure did!!)

4 thoughts on “{good eats} how do you butter your corn?”

  1. This is the same way our family butters their corn except we do it after the corn has been boiled. The buttery bread was usually fought over by my brothers and sisters at the end of the meal.

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