Thinking outside the box…

The other day I had to cram a bunch of errands in, so the 3 Littles and I headed out for a few “adventures”, one of which was Costco.  And of course when one is at Costco, one sees lots of tasting tables.  And the sweet Aidells folks happened to be there the afternoon the Littles and I were all there.

Have you tried these before? I have always liked their sausages, so I was game to try the meatballs. They said this flavor was a big hit with kids and my Littles happily took the toothpicks that were offered. In fact they took the next toothpick too, and the next, and the next, and the…..yeaaaaa, I think they ate 5 each. They were pretty tasty! A great, quick, healthy kid option….

Let’s review ~ all natural, they are never frozen, and my kids love them. Sure, I’ll take a box.

Then I served them to the kids a couple of nights later:

Addie: “I don’t like deese”.

Me: “No really, Addie, you DO. I saw you, you LOVE them. “

Then it occurred to me, there were no toothpicks!  I just happened to have some lollipops sticks left over from a party and quickly turned dinner into Meatball Pops…

“Oh Mommy! I LIKE deese!!!”

“I can pick them up like this!”

“And eat dem!!”

“Me too Mommy, I like deese too!”

“Can we have 15 more please!?!?”

My tip for today, if at first you don’t succeed….think outside the box.

You’ll be surprised what happens!

8 thoughts on “Thinking outside the box…”

  1. I’m totally stealing this idea!! My little one will eat chicken in any form, but will not touch beef. Meatloaf is already on the menu this week, so maybe I’ll make some of it into meatballs and just give her some toothpicks!

  2. As the mom of a picky eater….I love this idea. She literally has to be tricked into remembering she does like things and it gets hard to know what tricks to try. I’m trying this for sure, cuz she likes things that are fun and that she can do herself. You are so creative…love it! and love costco too. :)

  3. This is a family favorite! I can always count on my kids eating them … and yes! with toothpicks of course. It makes it more fun for them ;)

  4. Oh my gosh- you just saved me!!! I have the SAME story… tried in Costco, my 2 1/2 year old LOVED the meatballs… then refused to eat them at home. Lollipop sticks…. GENIUS!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

  5. OMG-we discovered the same thing at the mall. Kids love eating things off pops or toothpicks. My son is picky eater but give him a toothpick and he’ll just about try anything.

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