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Pipers new room 1

Got to say, I’m feeling kinda good about the Home Tour promise right now. I think I’ve gotten one out each week, albeit, a couple were half tours, but I’m taking that as a win because I’m getting SOMETHING out about the house! Seriously, most of this work was done 3 years ago.  I’ve had 2 more children since then and my brain is FRIED. But I’ve shown you the Kitchen, and part of the Kids Bath. Then last week it was our first home. This week I’m going back to Piper’s Room. I showed it before, but I’ve done a little bit of work to it, and yes, it was eaiser to show this again, then to dig out other photos…..

Yep, I’m lazy.

So this is Piper’s Room “Before”. Technically it’s Hayden’s “Before” shots since she lived here first.

There were 2 super small windows, horrible popcorn ceilings with water damage down the walls.

And this lovely closet.

The house we bought is an old 50s track home.  The rooms are not large and frankly not a lot of sun.  We knew we needed to “open” things up. We wanted it to feel brighter and also more current.  All of the bedrooms and hallway that connect them all now have wainscoting.  This can be purchased in sheets at building supply stores.  I did choose to make ours taller, therefore not fully utilizing the sheets (I think they are sold in 8 foot lengths). But if you thought you wanted to use wainscoting as a back splash somewhere, or behind shelves this would work well.

Piper’s crib was a spare one from my parents house. (They realized how much easier it was to watch all 3 babes at our house rather than their’s! But at the time they had visions of “one little baby sleepovers” little did we all know!!)

The shelves on either side of the crib are from Ikea. Hubs cut a taller unit into 2 sets for me, and we hung them on either side of the crib. (I’ve searched the Ikea site with no luck, next time I’m at the store I’ll need to check the name for you.)

The rug is also from Ikea. Great bargain! And surprisingly comfortable on your feet.

I’ve said before that the color scheme of the room might not be where I would go if I started today. But I had free fabric that we could use for the window treatments so it just worked better to take this route. I LOVE the paint color though. A nice light smoky blue that we use in both this room and the playroom.

To cover up the popcorn ceiling, we chose to add the white planked boards. I’m not sure  now if they are T&G or up with liquid nails. (If anyone wants to know, leave a comment and I’ll check with Hubs as he and our painter installed them.)  We finished the ceilings off with a nice modern crown. I love that it’s so clean and simple.  Again, because we needed to make the rooms feel bigger and lighten things up, adding the wainscot and also using the planks on the ceiling with a large crown not only achieved that, but also made the rooms feel taller. We chose to paint these all out white and finished with a sheen. Makes the wainscot a breeze to keep clean with the Littles.

This corner is lacking something. A nice tall tree might be nice. But that currently gives me visions of Littles making a mess, so for now, it sits a little bare.

The white cabinet is an old one of Hub’s that we painted out white and updated the hardware. I store extra wipes in it.

The swivel chair matches our Family Room sofa. I had them both made by a discount upholster back when I was pregnant with Addie. They are both white slip-covered. Love taking this route as they get cleaned about once a month in the washer and I always know they are CLEAN.

The cabinet is Piper’s Closet. It was mine from a discount pine vendor back when I was a sophomore in college. I’ve added a few coats of BRIWAX over the years to deepen the color. I should actually photograph how we utilize the inside as it’s surprisingly functional. I think we could use it for one of the Little’s the same way through early grade school.

The closet is still set up for a closet. We have the doors in storage, but at the final hour, I chose to make this the spot for Hayden’s crib. She was tucked away here, before Piper was born. When we moved Piper in, we switched the bed and crib.  It has always bugged me not to have a headboard though. The bed seemed empty in the closet.  I’ll have to write about this little project, I was inspired one afternoon and asked Hubs to build the blue headboard. (Don’t you love that? I was inspired so I asked HUBS to build it!! Ha! Thank goodness he loves me!) Super easy day project for under $40.  The curtain above the bed serves as a canopy look, but is actually the top shelf of a closet (when it becomes one again) and serves for longer term storage now.

I have a few more ideas I would like to do to this spot, but some other rooms are sitting higher on the list at the moment.

Love this photo of little Piper! Sandy Heit is the awesome photographer that snapped it for me when Pipe’s was 2 weeks old.  The chest of drawers is Hub’s from his single days, painted out white. The lamp is an old one from my single days.

I’ve been trying to “kid” up the room a bit, so asked my Dad to hang an cute old bath hook I had from the old house and hung Addie’s Christening gown (as a reminder that we STILL need to Baptize Piper!!) Being that it’s a sweet little pique dress, it’s actually fun with the jean jacket and straw hat :-)

There is lots I would love to do to cute things up more, but you know, that all takes a few more dollars than you ever have in your pocket. But the good news is, if you look around your house, you will almost always find something you can re-purpose, paint, or move around!! All the white bedding is a combination from over the years, and that long white pillow? It has Hayden’s name on the back, I just flipped it backwards….sshhh, don’t tell. Straw pillow is from our wedding. The green pillow is from Pottery Barn and was the only thing I bought for the room when it was Hayden’s nursery.

So there you have it. Piper’s little room! I’m hoping for the Living Room or Playroom next week….hmm let’s see what I can do. Wish me luck!

18 thoughts on “{home & garden} home tour ~ piper’s new room”

  1. Love your house posts! The wainscoting is a great idea and looks lovely. Keep up the weekly house posts, please!

    Thank you!
    Dallas, TX

  2. love what you did with the popcorn ceiling!!! we have it too and i hate it… but didn’t even think there was another option other than taking it out!! THANKS!!!

  3. You are so creative- I love seeing your house pictures. Can you tell me more about the headboard? I love it! I’m all about an easy, cheap, 1 day project!!!

  4. You are so incredibly creative. Your house is GORGEOUS! I love the way you’ve done everything and I can’t wait to see the next room. Will you tell us how you made the headboard and also, post a shot of the black and white framed photos outside the bedroom door…those look so beautiful as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Such a beautiful room—what a transformation!! I’d love to know more about the ceiling treatment and how it was done. Would your husband loan out that “how-to” chip in his brain so that I can implant it in my husband’s?

  6. Thank you! There are always options, they are not always clear right away, but I’m always amazed at how many thing you can really do. I’ve spent so many late nights (early mornings) up with babies and rocking them to sleep that my brain thinks of millions of things to do as I stare at the bedroom walls :-)

  7. Thank you so much for the kind compliments :-) I will definitely post on the headboard, hopefully this next week. And yes, I do need to photograph the hallway again. Its a hard place to photograph as the hallway is quite narrow. This is a post a wrote ages ago that shows a little more of the walls. But I will definitely try to take more soon. Thanks again!!

  8. I wish he would loan me his how to chip!!! I did confirm with him that the boards are tongue & grove and also installed with liquid nails and then finished off with the crown. It would be difficult to give a “how to” without showing photos and steps along the way. BUT, there is another post that I read and is what actually inspired the headboard. It is not how we did our ceilings, but it’s a great option. Hope it helps!


  9. I just love this room! The colors are so serene and I really adore pine, I have to say, so I love the armoire. My favorite by far, though, is the clever idea of tucking the bed in the closet and making a “canopy” to cover the upper shelves, making them both cute AND functional. I love that! I love the idea of beds in closets because they are so cozy, but I hadn’t been able to get past the loss of storage. This is great!


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