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Now before you all throw in the towel at me (Oh wait, HA! That pun was not intended!!)… I KNOW last week with our kitchen I promised you a room each week for the Home Tour, but it just was too crazy a week to try and photograph something during the daylight hours…and as much as I wanted to show you the whole Kids Bathroom, the last blooms had just falled off the plant this week….

(That’s what the plant should have looked like…but it is a little brown now and without color….the room just didn’t look as nice.)

So I’m only showing you part of the Kids Bathroom. Sorry. Just think, that means you get to see it in 2 parts!

But let’s focus on the part that I am sharing SOMETHING from the house. That means I’m keeping my word, kind of, right???

A friend was visiting recently and while she walked around, she kept asking about things in the house and why I didn’t write about them. Frankly, I just didn’t think people would interested….or that they already knew. But she reminded me that things you see everyday in your own life, are not necesarily in someone elses life.

So I’m here to share a couple favorites, one being Bath Towels.

Exciting huh?  Well actually, I kinda think these are exciting. I found them at Ikea (but can’t seem to locate online). They have lots of fun colors, and a loop for a hook already sewn on them (you can see it in the photo above). I had each of the girls’ names added to them and hung them on simple chrome hooks from the hardware store. (I think it was about $10/monogram, and $8-9/towel).

The Little Punks LOVE to use THEIR “towel with my name on it”…and I like the way the towels add a fun kid feel to the room.

Across from the towels I hung a super fun print from Made By Girl. Have you heard of the site? Great, great blog with fun design inspiration and a cute shop with adorable prints. I ordered this one and  had it personalized with “Bath Time” rather than someone’s name.

I love the colors and I love the blue (to tie in with the flower pot in the photo above). I used the print as the basis to pick the towel monogram colors for the Littles’ towels. Just a few simple things and a basic white bathroom is a happy kids space.

I’d love to know what favorite things you’ve done in your kids bathroom/s? Any fun websites you used? Design tricks? My tip to you is, it doesn’t need to be big or too expensive to be effective. Simple things go a long way.

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  1. My favorite addition is the stepping stool with a flip storage lid. We store stickers in there that were used for potty training charts, great teeth brushing and staying in bed at night. So far my daughter hasn’t gotten into the sticker stash on her own.

    Love the monogram towel idea!

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