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I started the Home Tour with Piper’s Room.  Today I thought I would show you part of the Living Room/Front Room/Everything Room.

The shelves.

But before I can really address the shelves, I need to show you where this side of the room started and where it is now.

It started as a REALLY small front room. We only intended to paint and carpet in the beginning. But we had great plans for where we wanted everything to go. Just not right away….

Wellllll, one thing led to another and as demo was happening, and discovery was going on, and things became apparent that we hadn’t counted on (which is all part of a remodel process ~ one big Pandora’s Box!) we did things sooner than we had planned. But thank goodness for loads of talented friends and family willing to chip in with time and braun…and a Husband that will work all hours to get a job done!! I may or may not have said this before, but our house is 100% sweat equity!

Back to the front room.

From the photo above, the room went here in order to deal with the electrical…

But when Pandora’s box opened up, we went ahead and opened up the ceiling. Seemed fitting since Hubs is 6′ 5″ and he kinda had to duck down a bit…

And shortly after the windows & wall to the left were gone.  The roof line continued outside to a “covered patio” which was an easy way to take that area indoors and give a little more space to the “Everything Room”.

Soon the room became this.

Note that the fireplace never changed. Wasn’t in the budget for new stone (especially with the added scope and workload we had given ourselves). So we had it painted out white and our fabulous painter worked with us to give it an updated surround (as well as a small fence to discourage the Littles from getting too close to the fireplace ~ at the time this meant Addie who was 8 months or so, I was 6 mos pregnant with Hayden).

The floor is the original hardwood that was hiding under the nasty carpet. The wood was unfortunately very stained and water damaged, and while we could have attempted to sand out the spots, we had no idea how deep some of the marks were.  Ultimately we stained the floor SUPER dark (to hide everything). Which I love the look of, just not the day-to-day care of with small kids.

A year after moving in, we opened up the wall to build the playroom. You might remember the wall from the Vonny photo shoot.

Today this is what that wall looks like.

OK, back to the shelves. Love em! Bought them at Room & Board for our first house. It was  a small (600 sq ft…) beach cottage back house in Corona del Mar. I used the shelves to hold all of our dishes we were so thankful to receive when we were married. There was no storage in the small house, and with no children (yet!) I was able to stack away, adding to the overall decor.

Now the shelves are in our front room.

The top half of each is for the grown ups – mostly meaning me :-) With photos, coffee table books, our wedding albums.

My half of the shelves…

The bottom half of each is the Littles’ stuff. Baskets from Ikea hide what I don’t like to see. The shelves above the baskets have some of the Littles’ books, along with the toys that look cute. I figure this is a happy balance for us all.  The baskets are easy for the kids to pull out and play with what’s inside. And also helps the kids clean up with some form of organization.

The Littles half…

Do you have any tricks to keeping your rooms easy on the eyes, but still kid friendly? How do you make a space work for both the kids and the adults? What are your favorite ways to hide toys?

Happy weekend everyone!

12 thoughts on “Our Home ~ Living Room Shelves”

  1. Where did you get the fence for around the fireplace? We are buying a new house with a pellet stove and will need something like that!

  2. Love it! We have done so much to our house as well…not as much as you, and mostly before we had kids, but still a LOT. I love seeing remodel projects, so thanks so much for sharing yours. You’ve inspired me to get my butt in gear on getting a photo book together of all our house projects…keeps falling to the way side, plus we keep doing stuff…it never ends!! :) We have shelves from IKEA in our living room and they used to all be dedicated to my stuff…now like yours, all the bottom shelves are filled with baskets and toys with my daughter’s things on them. Funny how more and more of the house keeps getting taken over by such a small person. You have a beautiful house!!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Love it! I never thought of opening up the ceiling in our house, but wow! what a difference it makes. Our fireplace wall needs to be redone and I will check into doing the ceiling too!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Can’t believe what you started with!
    You can do that to a wall and ceiling!
    Talent on both sides for sure!

  5. I absolutely LOVE your home! It is gorgeous AND practical. We bought a fixer-upper and this gives me hope that the end result can be beautiful. Please keep the before and after photos coming.

  6. Thank you, Lehua! It’s been a fun project!! Loads of work and patience, but fun. Thanks for your encouragement!! You’re end result can totally be wonderful!!

  7. Thank you! My husband really likes to bring the outdoors in, and opening the ceiling and adding the glass doors really helped with that!

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