Life is too short not to use pretty things

I love these glasses. They’re Juliska. And well, you already know I have a slight addiction to the stuff. But really, I can’t help it. It makes me smile to drink my coffee, eat my cereal, serve my pasta. And now to drink…..well….my wine. I’m not gonna lie. Wine tastes good in these glasses.


They are beautiful.

Don’t believe me? Try from this angle….

Or maybe from a little higher. They are pretty from this angle too.

Or closer. Very pretty from here.

Oh, sorry. You’re right, should have  just gone with the straight shot.

You can’t really argue with it. Gorgeous.

I tell you all of this because a wise woman once told me that “you shouldn’t save the good plates and good glasses for company”. That YOU are special too. (And that wise woman may also be the woman behind Juliska). Life is just too short to just look at the stuff in your “special occasion” cabinet. She has taught me time and time, again how to spoil yourself with enjoying the simple moments.

If you serve tea, drink it out of a pretty tea cup.

Wine? Pull out a beautiful glass.

A flower on the breakfast tray.

Cloth napkins.

You get my drift.  Now while I didn’t own the Graham Goblets above when my sister and mom came for lunch,  I did own the highball glasses. And I set them out with  water.

It was a casual lunch. My Favorite Fried Chicken Nuggets, a quick pasta salad, and a green salad with fresh lettuce from the Garden (I just love being able to do that!). Then Trader Joe’s Garlic Naan for a minute in the oven. From prep to kitchen clean up, it took me about 45 minutes for everything. But only because the kids were “helping”…might have been quicker without the help. Just sayin’

I set the table for a simple, relaxed lunch with the girls. And opened a nice bottle of wine.

Kids were down for their naps when Mom and Sis arrived. We enjoyed a few moments of peace and quiet…

And then the Littles world woke up, and we enjoyed a wonderful lunch. A beautiful and relaxed afternoon. Loved that we spoiled ourselves just little.

Don’t use the paper plates and cups all the time. It sure makes it easy, and I’m not gonna lie, I do it often! But it’s really nice to feel like a grown up and do something pretty for yourself sometimes. I love using every single Juliska piece that I own, it just makes me take an extra minute to catch my breath and enjoy whatever I’m eating or drinking, without feeling stuffy and formal.

Simply perfect is what it is.

Spoil yourself. You deserve it!

(Disclaimer ~ This is not a sponsored post, I LOVE my Juliska. Every piece I own is a favorite thing and I love to share it all with you as the collection grows. These opinions are my own.)

8 thoughts on “Life is too short not to use pretty things”

  1. Along that same mentality, I used to only wear perfume for special occasions. I don’t know why, I guess I’m cheap, so I would conserve it! It makes me feel better immediately after putting on a spritz or too, so now I wear it everyday, regardless if it’s a day home in my sweats (like today) or a day at the office! Great post, I think my girls and I will have a fancy lunch on fancy plates today!

  2. I couldn’t agree more about using pretty things for everyday! That’s why I’m so excited that ISIS Ceramics is doing a collaboration with Juliska. Those monkey plates are too fun! A great piece to have on the table for mom and kid. lovely post!

  3. I’m impressed! Most would not know that those plates were ISIS Ceramics!! The Juliska and ISIS relationship goes waaaaay back. Those plates were custom painted as a wedding gift and are some of my most treasured and favorite pieces!! I certainly need to show the entire collection sometime soon :-)

  4. totally agree that life is too short not to use the pretty things in our lives. I finally gave myself permission to light the beautiful candles I have received as gifts but were “saving” for special occasions. Every day is special so why not enjoy every minute of it!

  5. Sorry for the massively delayed comment. This post was beautiful and I am most touched by it. Love you!!!

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