{Life} I hate Cancer

I really do.

Truthfully, I’m not sure I know anyone that wants to be friends with it.

Thursday, I spent most of the morning in tears in my car after learning a dear family member was diagnosed with Cancer. She is the same age as me, with 4 wonderful children. As I type this post, she is undergoing surgery. I hope and pray they get every last bit of it’s ugliness.

Cancer is just plane wrong. WRONG.

And when it affects your own family it just feels that much worse.

Also while I type this post, my amazing baby sister is on her way to Canada. She is joining  family friends to ride in the BC Ride this weekend (The Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer) which is a unique 2 day cycling event.  Part of their goal is to see a world free of Cancer.

I want to be a part of THAT world.

I don’t want to have to hear about sweet little kids like Maddie James given only a few short months to live.

I don’t want my childhood friend to lose his amazing wife after 9 years of battling (diagnosed days after returning from their honeymoon). And already losing his own mother.

I don’t want to sit in a parking lot and get a call telling me about someone I love dearly is going in for surgery.

I want to be apart of THE OTHER world, the one FREE OF CANCER!

So I’m writing to you today, asking you to support this amazing team of friends, Team Alberto EXTREME STYLE . They are cycling for 2 days to raise money to fight Cancer.  This organization raised $9 Million dollars last year. That can kick some serious Cancer booty!  My baby sister and her team have raised $64,000 so far, but they have a goal of $75,000, and I want to help them meet or exceed it.  She is going to ride from Vancouver to Seattle over a 2 day period.  That is hours and miles, and hours and miles, and hours and miles.


My booty is sore just thinking about it!  She promises to text and send photos along the way as she can, and I promise to share them with you.  I know they would appreciate your support.

My sister is one of my most Favorite people. She commits her life to her friends and  to her family, and I love her  for being that person. The person that helps raise money to find a Cancer free world, especially this day, the day another dear person to me has been diagnosed.

I will pass along any comments or well wishes….you can see me sister’s donation page HERE and Team Alberto‘s page here. Check out the ride, It’s an amazing commitment, one that my sister has been training months for!! I’m so very, very proud of her.

Thank you for your help,  your support, and your prayers for their safe journey!

Have a wonderful weekend….be sure to hug your family!

2 thoughts on “{Life} I hate Cancer”

  1. Shanna-
    My sister, too, is an amazing person! What an emotional day it was for all of us yesterday! Thank you for your post and for all your thoughts and prayers. Many years ago, she and I walked the 2 day marathon to help find a end to breast cancer. Never did we think she would be one to have it. The good news is that they got it ALL! No cancer spread to her lymph nodes. We will all continue to fight for a cure – let’s hope we find one so our sweet daughters never have to go through this! We are so humbled by the prayers, support and kindness shown to our family.

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