A Mother’s Day Lesson…

Holy Mother’s Day weekend from Hades!!

I have a mom and a mother-in-law that are truly incredible. Totally selfless, thoughtful, and generous.  I had this little plan all worked out to give back to them a little over the weekend.

Surprise pedicure appointments were made, dinner was planned, and my youngest sister and I got together to prepare a gift for the salon. OHHH I was excited about the treat we were going to give them.

Oh there was a treat all right. Just not what I had planned.

The treat hit ME about noon on Saturday (everyone was arriving at our house at 3:30pm….). I’m not going to go into details, all I can say was that the Ann Saks tile on my bathroom floor and I got to be REALLY good friends as a stomach virus took over, and I proceeded to lay there for the next few hours…

My husband took over the surprise for the moms, while I hid in our room, unable to move.  He took them on a bit of a wild goose chase saying things like,

“Shanna told me to drop you at the youth baseball field. Your supposed to crawl through the fence, eat lunch on home plate, and then someone will arrive to pick you up…”

Oh man…our poor moms…

He finally drops our totally confused mothers at the salon with a basket of goodies I had put together for each of them (prior to my demise)…

When he returns, Hayden has crawled into bed with me as the bug hits her too. Oh the joy! Now 2 of us are hiding in our room (instead of getting pedicures with the Grandmas, so sad!)

The plan had been for all 3 of us to enjoy a couple of hours off, then my dad would finish plating and setting dinner up for when we returned. (I STILL think this was a great Mother’s Day dinner, although I have yet to be able to sample it!)

Barefoot Contessa Roasted Caprese Salad
Barefoot Contessa’s Pasta, Pesto, and Peas Salad
(you can also find in Barefoot Contessa Parties)
TriTip in the Oven
Fresh Cest si Bon Baguettes
Selection of Cheeses
Farmer’s Market Strawberries

I do love that I was able to walk into the kitchen for a few minutes just as my dad was giving instructions to my father-in-law on how they should assemble the Roasted Caprese Salad. Total dads in action team collaboration!

When Hubs finally brought back my mom and mother-in-law (after more of his shananagins), they were looking very relaxed, had very much enjoyed their treats, wine, & pedicures….and then my Hubs quickly escaped to our room…ANNNND another one bit the dust.

At that point I gave up, looked at all the Grandparents told them all how much I loved them, and then asked them to take dinner and leave.  They were all too willing, and from what I hear, regrouped at my parents house and enjoyed the rest of the evening without us.

It certainly wont go down as my favorite mother’s day, but I will definitely say I am beyond thankful that our parents were all willing to help, even though the world was falling apart around us and them!! My mom came over early to straighten up and set out appetizers, while the dads stayed until the bitter end to be sure all the dishes were done…(which also landed my Father-in-Law in the bucket club on Sunday night…)

The next day I was able to see the cards my sister had sent to go along with the treats at the salon. She found this awesome printable door hanger that just made me laugh!

I could have REALLY used this sign on Saturday…

Though it probably should have read, “There is a bucket in the cupboard, use it”

Seeing as how our entire household was hit…

At least I was able to wake up on Sunday to read this…

That’s when I decided that Mother’s Day this year really wasn’t about ME being a  mother.  Or about celebrating on a particular day. Nope the lesson here was Mother’s Day was for truly and totally appreciating what our moms have done for us for so many years. No matter how sick we are or she is, she just keeps going because she is mom. For that and so much more, I am grateful!

Thank you for your incredible love and selflessness with all of us!!! I love you to the moon and back, Mom! xxoo Please give me a time out if I ever forget to thank you each and every day!!

5 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Lesson…”

  1. OH NO !!! I am SOOOOO sorry, that is the same bug that got me in March. Horrible. I am so impressed you can blog after surviving that bug.

    It’s so true, I have changed the focus to the mothers in my life as I have become a mother, as I TRULY appreciate all they have done and sacrificed for us throughout the years.

    Maybe when our girls are grown up it will be our turn :).

    Hope you are feeling better! xo

  2. I have an image of wonder woman singing “…and I, I will survive…” while I read this. mothers are warriors…fact.

  3. The dad’s in action picture is the best. What a great family you have and I’m so glad you are feeling better :) See you tomorrow!

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