{Me Time} My Favorite Daily Planner

I’m going to go out on a limb here, but I’m guessing many of you have a slight organization habit or tendency. I’m a little addicted myself, though I definitely find that I can’t be the same Type A person that I was pre-kids. I definitely want to be at time as I never minded that person (though I’m sure my Hubs is happy she’s not fully here anymore), but my brain is so far in the OTHER direction of forgetfulness and disorganization now that I’m a train wreck most of the time.

I have never found a calendar that is 100% perfect. There is always an issue or shortfall somewhere. Not that the calendar is lacking, but that my life is ever changing now with the kids so I find I need to track and calendar things differently almost monthly or yearly depending on our current stage.

BUT there is hope.

Have you ever heard of momAgenda?  I LOVE these planners.  I’m a simple person. I just like being able to see a full month on a page, or a week at a time so I can block out windows of time for events.  And this lets me do it.

Check out a page, they show you what each section of the book looks like.

I was even more excited when I read an email that said this:

NEW 2011/2012 Planners at momAgenda.com!

Being the lover of online shopping that I am, I immediately went to the site and came up with 2 that I love and need to decide between…

The regular momAgenda planner with fabulous little animal print.

Or the Home Office addition with a very helpful spiral binding. Not sure if I would do the neutral gray, or the very fun zebra print.

And here’s the next best thing about momAgenda, they have a momAgenda iPad App!  I have no idea how it all works, but it sounds awesome. And since I love to create more work for myself, but in a streamlined way (yes I’m crazy like that) the thought of being able to keep a written planner that looks the same as my iPad planner is Heaven on Earth!

All this to say, as the Summer is sadly more than half way over and it’s time to get our school year brains in place…it’s nice to know there is a stylish, easy mom planner for us. And I for one LOVE getting a calendar or planner. Kinda makes you feel like your starting fresh with a new lease on life, in a weird backwards way.

Can’t wait for my new planner to arrive….now which one to order??? Decisions, decisions….

Photo Credit: All images from momAgenda

1 thought on “{Me Time} My Favorite Daily Planner”

  1. i hear ya … seems like every organizer is missing just one thing. i read about this iPhone / iPad app that got five stars from everyone … but it didn’t have a calendar. to me, i have no idea how you can have an organizer that’s just a list of “to do” items. surely I’m not the only one who wants to see the tasks laid out against a calendar, yeah?

    thanks so much for the recommendation. will look this up.


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