{Family Activities} We’re on or way…

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you may have seen some of my recent, slightly stressed updates as I realized the time was coming near for our family to make its annual trek to my parents summer home in Canada. (We are most likely on the plane as most of you read this…)


I love the road trip we took as kids to get there.

I love all of the childhood memories my sisters and I have from growing up there. I love the friendships we have from way back when that are just as solid and true today. I love that my Little Punks will spend lazy summer days with the kids of those same friends. I love that we will see so many of our extended family while we are visiting.

I love that we are flying, like last year (and not driving…just cuz those Little Punks are little).

And I will love being on the final stretch of our travel day when we come up on the first corner of the lake….

And we cross the bridge (where we used to anxiously jump into the drivers seat to “drive us all home” when we where little).

I will love saying hello to the lilipads as we cross that bridge.

And I will love putting on my hat and pearls and raising that first glass when we arrive.

I will love the meals that come out of my parents cozy kitchen.

And I will love painting rocks with all my heart and soul.

We will all love the many boat rides around the lake.

And lining up our toys on the wall.

I will love watching the Little Punks playing in the dirt with trucks (while still decked in jewels).

And I will love watching Hubs put his feet up for a minute and relax. It’s something he very seldom does.


I just don’t like the idea of packing for it all.

Or preparing for being away for an entire month.

Thankfully loads of people have offered to take care of things here for us so the house and garden wont miss us much. And Hubs will only be with the Little Punks and me for a short period, so lucky duck poor guy will be back before long enjoying the last days of summer sleeping in an empty house with peace and quiet. So at least I know the home front is taken care of….but there is still stuff to do to be gone for long periods of time. None of which I’m sure you want to be bored with.

BUT there is one aspect that has had me over the moon stressed and anxious…

Not having internet access.

This is of course is a blessing and a curse.

Blessing because you truly have to unplug. No cell phone, no Facebook, no Twitter, no internet.

But a curse when you write a daily blog, when you read other blogs in Google Reader, when you are addicted to Food Network’s iPad app that needs the internet to access your recipe box, etc.  You don’t realize how much you depend on technology and the internet, until your about to go 30 days without it.

Please do me this one favor….please don’t forget me. 30 days is a long time and I would be so sad if we weren’t friends after I returned. I love, love, love to hear from you all!  So I’ve been out of my mind crazy this month trying to write enough to keep you entertained and give you your morning coffee reading material.

I’ve also talked to a few favorite vendors and we’re going to run some fun giveaways!!  You might have notice the fun one from Sarah & Abraham from Monday? Be sure to enter and tell your friends too!  Then keep your eyes out for a few more…

Much love and hugs to you all!  Enjoy your last month of summer :-)

3 thoughts on “{Family Activities} We’re on or way…”

  1. What an amazing trip! Memories that you will cherish forever and traditions to pass down to your little ones. Have fun!

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